God's Eyes

Chapter 4 - Seeing The Unseen

This race was called Gallier and it was one of the most dangerous invading intelligent races as it harvested and recycled the corpses it killed.

Luckily there weren ’t many of them but Jason was still horrified and it was time for him to go to the toilet before he wanted to go outside.

Going out for a walk inside the city, Jason primarily focused on the people around him with their either expensive or cheap-looking clothes, makeup, facial expressions, and many more details he could finally see.

It was interesting to see the different compostures.

Rich-looking people had a confident facial expression and a straight back while some poorer looking ones were going through the streets with a bent back their gaze focused on the concrete.

Some people noticed his gaze and some avoided his eyes while others glared back at him.

Jason noted that and he thought he should stop staring at them as their gazes were uncomfortable for him and Jason continued his walk until he arrived at a park.

At least he thought it was a park as he saw a sign but obviously he couldn ’t read it.

With the help of the AI he found out what the sign said and it was a park as Jason thought.

Looking around the park, Jason noticed that there weren ’t many people within the park right now but everyone Jason saw had a beast nearby them.

These beasts were probably their soul bounds and it was as if they were going for a walk or playing together.

Most soulbound beasts he saw were rather cute and small looking like normal animals before the mana outbreak.

There were many fluffy beasts and also a few beautiful looking ones.

But one thing was uncertain for him.

`Why were these beasts radiating different shining colors?`

Most of the beasts didn′t radiate any color whereas some radiated a feeble black color.

There were even some beasts radiating a slightly stronger light-grey color and Jason wondered whats going on.

Jason even saw one or two beasts that had a dark green light enveloping them and these beasts were also looking stronger than the other ones without color or black and light-gray color radiating.

Looking at the enveloping color hurt Jason ’s eyes after a few minutes and the enveloped color vanished.

Jason noticed that it took a toll on him if he wanted to look at the radiating colors.

After these colors vanished with the incoming pain and Jason noted that the mana flow around him was suddenly more difficult to see.

This wondered him ’Are these colors indicators for the beast ’s strength or something else and why does it drain so much of my energy? ’

He felt weak and it took him some time before he could see the mana flow again without any obstruction.

Jason noticed that his eyes could infinitely look at the flow of mana as if it was normal while looking at the radiating colors of beasts drained some of his mana.

It was as if his eyes had a passive effect to look at the mana flow while it was an active ’skill ’ to see these colors like in a game.

He had heard many things about games as listening to gaming broadcasts was interesting for quite some time until he noticed that he wasted too much of his time for it without gathering mana into his eyeballs.

Jason tried this theory and noticed that it was really the case.

Subconsciously, Jason could activate and deactivate his ability to see the radiating colors of beasts.

The pain his eyes had to endure lessened noticeable and Jason replenished the lost energy with a constant supply of mana.

His control over mana was superior compared to his peers because he had a proficiency of almost 10 years with precise movements in order to not hurt his eyes.

Furthermore, his senses were extremely distinct, adding another reason for his superior mana control.

One wrong move with his mana and he would have shattered the marble which he fortunately didn ’t know.

His mother only told him that he had to be careful and Jason had always listened to her.

Seeing these soul bound beasts, Jason was reminded that there were only around 5 days left until the final exams and he decided to go home.

There was a particular problem he noticed.

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