God's Eyes

Chapter 2 - Dead Eyes

nd one billion humans were left, they grew stronger and stronger each day they absorbed the natural mana, Argos began to generate since the mana outbreak.

Nature and mana worked together against humanity as plants, stimulated by mana began to grow more than ten times faster while the strength of animals increased, the more mana they absorb-

This increased the reproduction ability in addition to the strengthened constitutions they received from mana.

Evolving wasn′t a fantasy anymore and millions of new races emerged from wildlife and evolved plants were sometimes even able to achieve sentience while animals were able to acquire an element affinity.

Humanity was forced to gather together in order to build a few fortress-like cities close together in order to survive without getting overwhelmed by beast tides.

While the first rifts were the biggest problem at the beginning, the numbers of evolved wild beasts were getting more and more threatening, forcing humans to increase their military power more and more.

On Canir 12 permanent rifts exist while some of them are.. ”


”That ’s enough for today, Jason, your reproduction was good. ”

The school bell rang and the teacher left the classroom

Jason was still standing there with his feeble build, patiently waiting for everyone to leave.

He had short black hair and pretty facial features. If his hair were longer, many would mistake him for a girl.

With his tender age of 13 years, he had still had some childish features but he wasn ’t chubby as he didn ’t eat much.

His eyes however were Jason ’s most special feature, as they looked like a dead fish without the slightest trace of life within.

A fortune-teller predicted that his eyes were the most important asset in addition to his beautiful soul when he was born, however, that was only a dream for the young Jason at the moment, something unattainable one wanted to happen sometime in the future.

Jason thought of it as a bad joke because he was born with malfunctioned optic nerves.

His mother was said to have special eyes but he had never seen her obviously.

She worked at a big and respected family, that was said to treat their workers as if they were part of their family.

However, one day an evening years ago when his mother should have been already at home, a butler came over to their apartment with a tearful voice and something heavy in his hands, a briefcase

The butler told him that his mother died during a spar between their family ’s patriarch and another big clan ’s heir.

Apparently, there were some disputes during a party with multiple important personalities of large families involved, which resulted in the foreign heir getting disgraced and humiliated.

The foreign heir was aware of the intimate bond between the servants and the Cerus family.

As such he went on a rampage and it was said that more than ten servants died before he was finally stopped.

It was a disaster and the whole party was immediately disbanded and the Cerus family was dismayed, filled with anger because of the deceased employees.

Having money and the power to subdue small families like the Cerus-family, the opposite heir chose money to shut down the families who lost their loved ones.

Not even the media dared to release any news about the accident that happened.

The family-like employer knew about Jason ’s situation and they offered some help but Jason couldn′t comprehend what happened as he was still a child without any experience of death.

The butler gave Jason his condolence and laid down the briefcase next to Jason, where he would be able to reach it before he decided to leave the blind boy alone within the lonely apartment.

He didn ’t even know the name of his mother ’s killer, only the family name of his mother ’s employer was branded in his mind.

’Cerus ’

He wasn′t even able to cry, as the wrath, frustration, agony, and sorrow were subdued deep within himself.

But how could Jason hate the Cerus family as they treated his mother so well before the accident happened.

His father was said to have been the chairman of a large company governed by the Federation, backed by his family and other authorities.

Apparently, he wasn ’t scared about anything at all, but that was a mistake.

A feud with a certain family he got involved with caused the annihilation of his family and his companies destruction. Only he and his wife were left.

His mental situation got worse as he became an alcoholic and gambler who lost a few hundred million credits, amassing a huge amount of debts.

His mother told Jason, that she left his father before anything could happen when she noticed that she was pregnant with him.

The story was clear, but Jason didn ’t believe her story at all.

The Cerus family took both of them in but Jason was suspicious because he had never heard anything else about his father before while only his mother knew who he was.

Not a single picture was taken or stories told, but Jason didn ’t suffer because of that as he didn′t need a father.

His mother was everything he needed….

She was grateful for the Cerus family and decided to work for them with her special eyes.

Who would have thought that her decision would kill her someday?

Jason didn ’t know what her eyes could do but apparently, they were special enough to bring up a child and herself.

The Cerus family gave Jason an allowance and the opportunity to enter a decent middle school even after his mother died.

For Jason however, this money wasn ’t even close to replacing his mother who raised him up alone with much love even with his eyesight problems.

He had nobody by his side and he was lonely in such a dangerous world

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