God's Eyes

Chapter 28 - Mana

er five two-star wild beast cores was the best solution for Artemis to grow stronger during the night.

She had to accompany Jason during the day while earning combat experience, which led him to his previous solution

He felt lonely since his mother died, even Greg who he hadn ’t called previously was growing attached to him.

Now with Artemis′ birth, he suffered a little bit, even though he knew she was with him during her slumber but she wasn ’t really there in a materialistic way.

His hunting skills increased each day and Jason hoped that he would be able to kill five star wild beasts in less than 3 weeks.

Otherwise, he wouldn ’t be able to enter an A-grace city let alone a school there.

Jason used the remaining wild beast cores to maintain the Mana-operated freezer and it looked like the freezer could be operated for a day with his remaining five two-star wild beats cores.

The best thing about the freezer was that even if Jason stored it inside his spatial storage, it would still work perfectly.

One could say that the large freezer was comparable to a small integrated cooler and it was definitely cheaper.

Jason practices his martial art under the clear night sky and it felt much better than train in a small apartment.

After that, he took out a basin and poured water inside to wash up.

When Jason finished cleaning himself, he opened the Heaven ’s Hell manual and read it for a few hours before he went back inside the tent to sleep.

He fell asleep soundly while Artemis digested her incomplete wild beast cores.

During the next day, nothing special happened except his tries to hunt slightly bigger groups of at least 3 two-star wild beasts when he came back to his tent.

He saw a few hundred luxurious mansion-sized tents erected and compared to his two-person tent they looked gigantic.

Probably around 20 people could stand in such tents with enough space left to walk around.

Jason wondered what ’s going on but he hoped that they would train inside the pen star plain wild zone as he had trouble avoiding so many beasts all the time.

The one-star zone Jason entered every day was overpopulated by almost every kind of beast but the main problem was that the beasts gathered up in bigger groups instead of striving around alone.

Jason had to avoid many beast groups and he was often way too close to get detected and attacked by them which was slightly scary.

If these mansion-sized tents had trainees inside, they would most probably hunt huge numbers of wild beasts, decreasing his efforts to walk around inside the wild zone tremendously.

Today he hunted 15 two-star wild beasts and he gave Artemis five of them while another 5 were used for the freezer before eating something and improving his martial arts.

After an hour Jason stopped his practice and he took out the Heaven ’s Hell manual to read it through.

Another two hours passed and it was already dark while only a few lights and the stars lightened up the surrounding.

Jason remembered now every crucial detail of the manuals first level and he readied himself to use the technique today.

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