God's Eyes

Chapter 25 - Accepting Reality

h were now heavily injured as the coyote that layed on the ground noticed a human behind the wolf.

It shrieked out in fear but unfortunately was already too late and the wolf ’s neck was already pierced by the bloodied dagger.

But the dagger didn ’t stop there, as the wolf ’s neck was only an obstacle required to reach the coyote.

Jason could see the beast ’s fear which caused him to almost hesitate before the dagger penetrated the coyote ’s chest.

Both beasts died without much pain and Jason vomited some gastric fluids before he gathered himself.

He felt still disgusted to kill a living being but the second time was much easier than the first time.

It took him only a few seconds to regain his senses before he picked up the two two-star beast carcasses and the third horned zebra corpse which laid only a few meters away from the small battlefield as he looked out for a Tree which he climbed up.

Not many beasts were able to climb up trees in this one-star wild stone except a few four and five-star wild beasts in the core areas.

Jason was at the outskirts of the wild zone and extremely close to the dome but the dense mana he felt was perfectly fit for him to replenish his mana.

It took him no time until his Mana was replenished.

He had enough time to think about many things like his attitude towards beasts, how he fought, and which flaws he made during the short fight.

The biggest problem was his mental state but this would only last for a few more fights until he made up his mind.

Following this Jason went down the three and searched for more one-star beasts.

He wanted to use the one-star wild beasts to clear his mind before he would try fighting two-star wild beasts.

His dagger was sharp enough to penetrate all kinds of wild beasts and Jason focused his mana consumption on his lower body to look after his speed.

Following this, a few hours passed until the sun went down and Jason went into the dome again with clothes full of blood.

Jason attacked another three small one-star wild beast groups but he killed only four beasts because one time he made a noise missing his timing while another try caused him to almost die as he was almost crushed by the one-star bison he attacked.

But Jason found out something important.

His eyes the closer a beast was to him the easier it was for Jason to predict where he would be attacked.

It was still a theory but Jason found his eyes more and more interesting which made him curious.

’What special eyes did my mother have and are my eyes a mutation from her eyes or is there something else I don ’t know about them? I doubt these eyes are normal mana eyes. ’

But there wouldn ’t be anyone to answer his questions so Jason had to disregard this thought.

He had to find out everything by himself but that was okay for him.

Calling a shuttle to take him home, Jason had to wait a few minutes.

Gazing inside the storage space he saw seven one-star wild beast carcasses and two two-star carcasses.

It was more than Jason expected for the first day and going through his fights while waiting for the shuttle to come he remembered many flaws.

But for Jason, the whole day proceeded smoother than he previously thought as he was still uninjured and healthy.

He expected to sustain some injuries but everything was fine.

The shuttle arrived and Jason was in front of his apartment 40 minutes later.

After ordering delivery Jason went inside the apartment to rectify his flaws.

Battling with wild beasts was definitely different than training at home and after today Jason understood that he had to hone his technique with real combat experience.

Otherwise, he would always stay behind others.

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