God's Eyes

Chapter 18 - Solving Issue

till better than nothing.

After asking a few additional questions, Jason left an hour later.

He didn′t even have to pay something as Prof. Gray wanted to use the test files for his studies.

He got Professor James Gray′s contact details as the prof was fascinated about the files he read previously, hoping that Jason′s beast would hatch healthy.

Searching for mana stones online, he found out that even the smallest mana stone was extremely expensive.

50.000 Credits for a ping pong ball-sized grade-1 mana stone sounded horrifyingly expensive for Jason but after searching for more information he found out that the compressed mana inside such a small stone was already around the same amount as an unblemished beast.

This surprised Jason but thinking about it, it wasn′t as illogical as he previously thought.

An unblemished beast was comparable with a human Expert rank and to replenish his mana once a human expert would have to use up a whole ping pong ball-sized grade-1 mana stone.

It was extremely expensive even for normal Expert ranks as hunting Unblemished beasts resulted often in injuries that had to be treated with expensive medications.

Jason wanted to purchase three small mana stones but he had to set an address where to deliver the goods so before buying the mana stones Jason contacted the landlord from one of the apartments he visited today in order to sign a lease.

The cost was 2500 credits per month and the area around it was safe while everything needed was close by.

Signing the contract on his quantum bracelet he could instantly move in.

There wasn ’t anything at his old flat as he brought all the important things with him in his storage space.

The new apartment was 55 square meters big with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and a small kitchen inside.

It looked small and comfy when Jason visited the apartment but he didn ’t want to lease it instantly as he wasn ’t sure how expensive his beast ’s treatment would be.

With a little bit less than 150.000 credits left after deducting 3 small mana stones, Jason had more than enough left to lease the small apartment for half a year.

Calling a shuttle to carry him to his new home, Jason arrived at 7 pm when it was already late.

Finally purchasing the three small mana stones Jason set the destination from the parcel to his new address.

Afterward, he wanted to stroll around in order to get to know his new neighborhood which he hasn′t done before.

Jason was like a small child interested in everything as it wasn′t that long since he regained his eyesight and everything looked special to him.

Smelling nice food from the nearby food stall Jason ordered a big pizza which he relished.

He hadn ’t eaten anything good and savory for years and it was the first time for him to eat pizza and Jason enjoyed eating it.

The beast egg was inside a small bum bag close to Jason.

After he finished the pizza, Jason ’s belly was filled to the brim.

He had never eaten so much before but he was happy and satisfied with his current life.

It wasn′t that every problem he had, was solved, but rather in the beginning, his biggest issue was his sight.

Afterward, his almost nonexistent soul energy seemed to be a huge problem and now his soulbond beast was having some issues.

Jason hoped that the mana supply from the mana stones would be enough to solve his problems, which would solve each problem he had right now.

He wasn ’t scared that his new companion was useless as he had seen the dense color Jason had never seen before but the problem was that the color was feeble which caused him to hesitate when he saw it.

But getting to know that he could probably solve his issue made him excited.

After strolling for an hour Jason went home to his new apartment where he would continue learning how to write difficult words.

Furthermore, he enjoyed reading the beastarium which was full of beast ’s pictures, with their characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, rank, and many more information.

It was almost midnight when Jason fell asleep with the beastarium holographic screen still open.

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