God's Eyes

Chapter 13 - Unique Eyes?

rt hurt even more because his soul energy was too weak and he wasn ’t sure what to do with it…

But he didn ’t want to cry and rather than crying Jason wanted to find a solution to his problem.

Crying wouldn′t help him but solving the problem.

Releasing himself out of Greg′s support Jason straightened his back while thinking about solutions but there weren ’t many.

Purchasing a high-graded magical treasure was out of his options as they were way too expensive and forming a contract with a high potential one-star wild beast relied on his luck.

Approximately hundreds of stairs later, they entered another room that was even more gigantic than the soul-awakening hall.

But this place wasn ’t as quiet as before and Jason who could only see slightly through the bandage because of his blood was astonished to see thousands of colors radiating from eggs and small beasts inside small landscapes filled with faint mana.

His head began to ache again and Jason turned off his eyes effect which saw the radiating color of beasts.

In the second he had activated the effect of his eyes Jason noticed that some beasts radiated a stronger color than others even if they were from the same race.

`What does that mean?` was what Jason thought but he couldn ’t find a solution.

Thinking about the effect Jason looked around again without having his eyes activated.

He stopped for a moment and after a short moment, he noticed the mana fluctuations of a wolf mother with five cubs next to her.

That was at least what Jason could see from the mana flow and activating his eyes effect for a short moment he began to analyze the cubs thoroughly.

The wolf gave birth to all five cubs but Jason noticed that the radiating color was different from two of them.

While three cubs had the same color one was more distinct and denser but still the same color while another cub had a completely different color which was even denser compared to the previously mentioned wolf cub.

Many thoughts run through Jason ’s head as Greg and the old man notice his behavior.

The old man explained

”This is a blazing horned wolf mother with its five cubs. It ’s an evolved ranked beast.

Two cubs are slightly special while one has inherited a slightly superior bloodline the other cub underwent a mutation which made it stronger. ”

Greg listened carefully as this information could be useful for his choice.

” Can you show me which one sir thinks is the stronger one out of these two special cases? ”

Jason also listened but his question confused Greg while the old man smiled faintly

The old man knew that Jason had special eyes since the beginning as he had seen many humans with special traits and he thought Jason had simple mana eyes which could see that one beast had slightly stronger mana radiating from it.

A small stream of mana left his body and Jason saw a finger formed out of mana pointing at the cub with the superior bloodline.

But Jason saw something different.

His eyes or rather the radiating color told him that the mutated cub had a denser color and a ”Why? ” left his mouth without thinking.

The old man was still calm and explained.

”Having a superior bloodline indicates the high possibility to evolve into higher ranked beasts while having a mutation can backfire. Some mutations are powerful while other mutations are harmful to certain aspects.

Furthermore, mutations can evolve when the cub grows stronger and in our case, the cub ’s mutation is still in its initial phase while it′s not seen as a very good mutation it could further mutate in a bad way. ”

”Ahh ” Jason and Greg exclaimed at the same time.

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