”who the ** called the cops on us ”.The leader said,I could see the fear on his face they were all terrified .They probably have done a lot of bad things ,all the more reason to call the cops but first Im gonna give them a good scare

”Matt,you said nothing would go wrong ”.Another guy said to the leader, he looked the most terrified of all the members

”shut up you simpleton ”.He barked as he hit the guy on the head

”you and you ”.He pointed to the remaining two members

”scatter and take this guy with you ”.He said as he handed them the guy and after that they all ran off

I turned off the siren and searched for them online.I am sure theres gonna be something on them on the internet. Anything would suffice

I continue searching and I stumble on a site


well that was dumb,I mean who creates a site and names it that

I click on it and search Matt and about five people come up with that name

”guess I have work to do ”.I say as I start clicking on each one.I can imagine what those people have done, maybe robbed someone or even worse theyve killed someone

If thats true then Im way out of my league but who cares .This world is a kill or be killed world and Im sure as hell not gonna get killed

Next Day

”ughhhh, why does school exist ”.I thought to myself,This has got to be the second worst day of this week.It should have been the first but meeting a couple of potential murderers takes the first spot with no competition at all.

Im still on their case and Ive eliminated two of the five so only three left.It is highly likely that the matt Im looking for isn part of them but better to try and give up than to give up….

I don think it goes that way,but it has something to do with not giving up .

I hear the bell ring signifying the beginning of fourth period


”ugh,come on can this day get any worse ” I mutter to myself,and it just had to.Our teacher Mr Paul has a weird rule about picking random days for pop quizzes and that day just had to be today

”Whyyyyyyyy!!!! ” .I exclaim,The rest of the class looks at me but who cares Ive never failed a test and Im not going to break my record

I grab my notebook and start downloading the information to my good old brain,good thing I have a photographic memory.It makes this easier

As soon as we cleared our desks,the test immediately began and our normal test takes about ten percent of our overall mark but he just had to drop a bomb.This test is going to take fifty percent of our total overall score.Talk about unfairness

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