Rose walked into the bathroom with sunken teary eyes; she had finally given herself up to the fate that had been chasing her.

Born not as a human but rather as a natural aphrodisiac that drove all men, even her family members, into a hormonic frenzy — it was a wonder how she had survived with her innocence intact for so long.

When Rose was twelve years old, a little more than a month away from turning into a young teen, she had a fever that lasted more than a week.

During that week of a heavy fever, she had dreams during her abnormally long hours of sleep; in all of them, she was seeing the world of the future as well as one that existed outside of the one she was in.

The dreams foretold of her world soon coming to an end as mankind knew it and the Apocalypse foretold in religious texts would come to fruition.

It was hard to understand with a burning hot forehead but once the fever subsided, Rose understood what the dreams were telling her; she was an existence that was no more than words on a page and so was everyone else around her.

Rose also realized, much to her detriment — the looks that men gave her weren natural; they weren looks of affection towards a child but rather ones of lust.

She wasn normal and her supernatural trait that drove men crazy was the result of the perverted author that had written her to life.


The private bathroom door behind her was slammed shut then it was slowly locked.

”Given up? ” asked the person that closed the door. It was a classmate of hers, nearly a foot and a half taller than she was. Standing in front of her, Rose could see a bulge in his pants.

”After all this time, youve finally given up, ” he chuckled. ”Youve been running away from me for quite some time now Rose. If I knew this was all that it would take, I shouldve done this much earlier. ”

He was referring to an hour ago when Rose opened up her school locker and found a letter.

She assumed it was another love letter and was about to toss it out but stopped when she read what was written on the front. In bold red, the names of her father and brother were written on the envelope.

Inside the envelope was a detailed paper describing the scam that Roses father was running as well as the crimes that her older brother had committed.

At the end of the letter were instructions on what to do if she didn want the contents of the letter to be leaked. She was given a time and place.

”A second late, and Ill be sharing this information with everyone in this city ” was the final sentence she read before crumpling the paper and flushing it down the toilet to prevent anyone else from reading it.

Thats how she ended up in the bathroom with her classmate, Pen.

He was notorious for being the most powerful person in the school, physically — and financially.

Every morning, he arrived at the school campus in the backseat of a bulletproof SUV. One student took the time to find out the name of the vehicle and discovered that it was eight figures.

It was a sum that normal people wouldn be able to afford in their lifetime even if they didn have to pay rent, bills, eat food, pay for gas, or even pay their taxes.

Pen had been pursuing Rose for a very long time but determined to change the outcome of her future, Rose always rejected his advances.

By focusing on her studies, she hoped to minimize her interactions with the boys at school as much as possible.

Pen had a body that befitted his status as the strongest. His muscles were built like a bodybuilders while having the body shape of a character in an ecchi novel.

His murky silver hair looked like feathers on an angels wing. His eyes of a beautiful blue sky had an intense glare that peered into the soul of those unlucky enough to stand in his way.

Stepping even closer, Pen lifted Roses black hair and gave it a smell.

”This is it, ” he said as he took another whiff. ”This is the aroma that I smell every time you walk past me. Do you use any product on your hair? ”

Rose shook her head. Her entire body consisted of natural fragrances that the author placed on her body. The emitted scents, whichever one was the most attractive to a man, was the one theyd smell from her.

It was the authors way of justifying why men were like hyenas and were attracted to her just by her presence.

Pen asked her, ”Will you try to resist me? Like you did before. ”

He closed the lid of the toilet and sat down on it. Patting his thighs, he smiled as Rose complied with his gesture and sat down on his lap.

”I won , ” she answered him.

”Good. Very good, ” he chuckled as he nodded. Reaching around her body, he began unbuttoning her school uniform without the need to see them.

Rose was biting her lips in fear but suppressed the shivers that were trying to crawl onto her skin.

Once he got the last button off, the shirt opened, revealing her bare skin and her bra.

Touching her stomach, Pen told her, ”Your skin feels amazing. So smooth. ” He slid his hands upward and shoved them underneath her bra that tightly compressed her bosom.

”Your boobs are much softer than I thought theyd be. ” Using a little bit of his strength, Pen ripped the bra apart from the front rather than untying it at the back.

As both her boobs popped out to reveal their true nature, Pen licked his lips. He was behind her but could see the size of them from his point of view.

e also way bigger. Rose… you naughty naughty girl. Youve been hiding these beauties from everyone, haven you? ” he grinned as he cupped them.

Nodding her head, Rose couldn help but let out a moan as her nipples were being rubbed gently by Pen who was using his index fingers and thumbs.

”Im a little angry I

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