On the twenty-second of March 1900, my friend Steve Horwood and I were sitting drinking morning coffee in his rented room on Wall Street in New York City. The caller turns towards me, addressing .. ”Addison, the commissioner has called.. There is a crime that occurred on Bowery Street in Manhattan. They want us to go there to solve the circumstances of the case. Commissioner Rocky says that crimes have occurred for three days there and they do not know who the perpetrator is. Come on Lets go to Manhattan now. ” Without saying a word, I got up and followed Horwood to the car. It was Horwoods, a black Alfa Romeo.. After Horwood drove the car, I asked him while we were on the road, ”Horwood, you said there were crimes three days ago in Manhattan on Bowery Street. Do you think the crimes were planned by the same perpetrator, or what? ” ”I think they are crimes committed by the same person, nine crimes within three days, and all of them are arson crimes.. This is not a coincidence. ” ”Wow! Three crimes a day then! Actually Its a mystery that caught my attention, I hope we can solve this matter. ” And after the passage of time, we finally arrived … Fifty-first Street, a burning house, and they were two victims in the fire, we got out of the car and headed towards the city commissioner there, and he and the police had surrounded The area was investigated to investigate the circumstances of the case, and we introduced ourselves to him, then my friend asked him for information about the victims so that the commissioner would kindly do so. The first victim was Sayed Majed, his name was Jean Sayes, at the age of fifty-six years, the case is married.. As for the second victim, she was a woman, but he did not indicate To him in the civil registry that she was not his wife, Horwood asked the commissioner if the lady was wealthy The commissioner replied, ”No. ” The commissioner thanked us. Then my friend and I went inside the burning house to look for something that would indicate the identity of the killer or something like that. While we were inspecting the house, I found a piece of iron with drops of blood on it, so I took it. As for Horwood, he was inspecting the burnt bodies, and After he inspected the victims, he turned to me and said: This is not an accident, it is a fabricated crime, Addison. I asked him how did he become so sure of that?

”Addison, if you like, go ahead and examine Mr. Sayess. He shows me the marks of a blow on his forehead, apart from all the rest of his head, and the piece of iron that you have in your hand has drops of blood on it, and this means that the victim saw the killers face, and the killer hit him on the head, and from Then the house was burned, but the question here is, where was the second victim! We must ask the commissioner where the second body was found in the house. ” And we went to the commissioner to ask him about the location of the second body, as it was found in the bedroom at the door of the room while Mr. Sayes was in the living room and This means that the murdered lady was in the bathroom inside the bedroom, and during the fire she came out of it, but the fire had consumed the house and the lady was burned before reaching the door of the room, but she fell at the door after her spirit vanished. Horwood was tired of the matter because there was nothing to guide us to the killer, so he decided Going to the new room we had rented in Bowery Street and he said he would complete the investigation tomorrow morning, we went to the flat and as soon as we arrived Horwood took off his suit jacket and undoed his blue tie, and sat down at his desk while I sat on the sofa relaxing with my eyes closed while Horwood lights his cigarette And he began to inhale it. When he faced issues that he did not have evidence to solve, he smoked excessively and started thinking. As usual, Horwood does not smoke ready-made cigarettes, but rather buys tobacco and rolls his cigarette himself. He reduces the tobacco in the paper so that his mouth does not smell so bad, and he brushes his teeth directly. After smoking, but, as I said, his bad habit, he smokes excessively when facing a difficult issue, just as now. Only ten minutes had passed since we entered the apartment, and he had lit his third cigarette, but he quickly put it out to say: ”Come on, Addison, we
e going. ” We had gone to Mr. Sayces house, and in fact, as we entered the office, I had a thought, which I shared with Horwood in the car: Don you think it was Mr. Sayces wife who killed him? Since the second victim turns out to be his mistress?

”I don think she knows that her husband has a mistress. ” After half an hour of the road, we stopped at Upper Manhattan above 96th Street, and a passer-by asked us about Mr. Sayces family and where they were staying. After some time had passed, we finally reached the home of the victims family. Mrs. Sayes welcomed us and kindly let us in and sit down. Horwood began to ask her question… ”I should like to know, Mrs. Marple, have you and your husband been in a quarrel? ” ”Never, Mr. Horwood. My husband and I are on very good terms. And where did he go and when does he usually come back? ” ”He left at seven in the morning, went to work, left the company at ten, returned home around one in the afternoon, and went to his friends at four in the afternoon. He spends eight hours with his friends. He told me that he plays with them. ” Card game.. ”What does your husband do? And who are his friends? ” ”He works for a newspaper company, 20th Building Bowery Street. Horwood thanked Mrs. Marple and asked her to see the children to ask them some questions, then we went to the car. Horwood said that Mrs. Marple does not know about her husbands mistress and her children told me that their father goes to his friends for eight hours, which is the number of hours he spends with his mistress, meaning that they do not know Something about her, the children are of no interest.. I interrupted him by saying that the killer, then, is someone who works with him in the company, but he remained silent until we got home and went to sleep, and the next morning Horwood woke me up early to go to Wraith Infirmation, which is the company he was Mr. Sayes works in it, and after forty minutes we got out of the car and went to the manager of the company, Mr. Clark Hudson, and he was fifty years old, his body was of average build, but his face was thin, his nose was somewhat long, he had wheatish skin and orange hair, he was wearing extravagant clothes The price, asked Horwood directly: ”Mr. Jean Saïss used to work here, didn he? ”

Mr. Hudson calmly and coldly said yes, and then Horwood told him he wanted to ask him some questions about the victim, and when he was about to ask him he cut off a call on my phone and I answered and freaked out, just as he freaked out my friend last night with the same words, Horwood and I left the company in haste without We investigate the manager and Horwood drives the cart and asks me: Where is this time Jack? I told him that he was two streets away from the victims house, and he said to me: What do you think, Addison? Who is this that kills people burning? And the strange thing is that there are no thefts!? I remained silent until we reached the place, and after we got out of the car, we went to get information about the victims. Four projects would come to him every day. As for the lady, she is a twenty-five-year-old girl, her name is Sarabil Luchi. We inspected the entire house, and we found in it a wooden chest that had not been touched by the fire. It was full of gold and gold coins, and this indicates that there is no theft. .. My friend Horwood was not pleased with these events and asked me to go back to the company to investigate Mr. Hudson while he went to ask in another alley, the company arrived and sat with Mr. Hudson and asked him: Where were you yesterday at four in the afternoon, sir? He muttered at first, and then said, ”I know you want to come to a conclusion about Jean, but believe me, it has nothing to do with me, Mr. Addison. ” In fact, I doubted him, because I do not like procrastination and not answering clearly, then I repeated my question again, so he answered me: I was at home and stayed until eight oclock, and then I returned to the company. You can be sure of that. After he answered me, I asked him another question and then to some of the employees. After I got the answers, I left for the new scene of the accident, convinced that the answers I got would not help us with anything in the course of the investigation.. After I arrived, I found Horwood had arrived before me and He asked me what happened, and I told him in detail, and when I asked him if he had found anything, he said to me: Don you see that there is something strange about it, Addison? Three victims a day, every eight hours a victim! I don understand, said I. Have you come to nothing yet, Horwood? ”Yes, I knew the killer. ” In fact, I was very surprised when he told me he knew the killer, and I had only been separated from him for an hour, so what changed during this hour! _I have wandered alleys and quarters and asked people, Addison, and as the commissioner said, since we received this case, these fires have been occurring for three days, every day three crimes. An hour after the accident occurred, and when I asked one of the people on the third street from Bowery, he told me, pointing to a house, that its owner had gone out the night of the accident, rushing like a madman, and after the master left, I remained watching that house for five minutes, and then the man came out of the house, as he was described Lee, short in stature and fat, with a flabby face, and after I made sure that he was away from the street, I crept into his house from the bedroom window, and after searching, Addison, I found a wallet containing his identity, his name is Jogosi Tonax, he is thirty-six years old, but if you see him, you say that he Ballston .. This is not important to me, because I also found a bag of cocaine in his house and a piece of paper on his office table that reads ”twelve oclock he will be there ” and I found in the garden of his house near the door a box of matches and a bottle containing half of the gasoline, I left before he returned And you came here.

And what about the paper? Looks like he has a partner! _ I think that the paper is the time for carrying out the next crime, every eight hours, twelve oclock and now at nine oclock, that is, after three hours, he will commit a new crime, and he wrote this on a piece of paper because he sniffed cocaine and might forget, or maybe it is a date to meet one of them .. We will know soon Oh Addison. And after the commissioner came, we shared some information with him, and then we went to the car, heading to Jogosis house.. I knocked on the door three times, but there was no answer. Horwood checked the house through the windows and saw that he was lying on the sofa in the living room, his eyes open and his tongue sticking out like the one He lost his life… Horwood pulled his gun from his waist and ran towards the door.. It seems he was killed. Break down the door, Addison. I broke the door and we broke into the house.. Jogosi had already been killed, he was killed by suffocation and traces of the rope were visible on his neck. Men informed us. The police and the commissioner rushed to come, as we took the victim and closed the place with tapes. The commissioner came towards us and said: What do you think about this? If the killer was killed? Horwood answered him, showing the paper: ”There is an accomplice with him, sir. Look at this paper. The time on it is the time of a new crime, without a doubt. It is now ten minutes to ten, and the time is twelve oclock. If this was a date for a meeting between him and his partner, we would have found him. ” He was killed after two hours and ten minutes, if they had decided to liquidate him, and if it was an appointment to meet one of his friends or neighbors, we would have found the paper hanging in that painting on the wall of the living room, which contains what he will do during the day, but it was in a small bag containing some coins, and this It means the secrecy of the paper for him, and it is not just an appointment to meet one of them, and for this reason there is only the last possibility, which is the date of a new crime, as six hours have passed since the last crime and two hours are left until a new crime. ” A logical analysis, Mr. Horwood, but what is the solution? Like this? Encounter Thats good and But how will his partner know that whoever took the paper will understand the meaning of the date on it? ”All of these are just possibilities, Mr. Jason, but I am sure that the date is the date of a new crime. We will see this after two hours. As a result, even if the date was known, it was not known by the victim, and for this reason the killer will not back down from carrying out his crime. ”

The commissioner and the policemen left while Steve told me to check the house agai

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