”Friendship is the most beautiful bond on earth. One can hesitate to share his/her secrets with family, relatives or even life partner but no one will hesitate share their secrets with friends. Friend is someone whom we can call at any time without restriction. No egos, No status difference, No logics, No matter of physical appearance, No hesitation, No secrets, absolutely nothing can come between friends. ”

So Friends let get into the Story. Story starts from Arnav accepting khushis friendship.

Next morning:-

Khushis sleep is disturbed by her phone ring, She stretched her hand to reach phone still closing her eyes, as today is saturday she dont need to go to office. Before her hand reach phone, ring got stopped.

Thanking her phone for being silent, Khushi turned other side and slept but her phone started ringing again. This time she took phone and attended the call.

”Khushi ” Came a melodic voice.

”What on earth happened in early morning that you are disturbing my sleep? ” Questioned khushi.

”What the! Are you still sleeping? ” Arnav asked looking at his watch to confirm time, its already 9 in the morning. He is not early, is he?

”No, i am not sleeping. Just now World war three completed and guess what i won, so now i am counting how many people died in my army ” Khushi replied annoyingly. (seriously they know we are sleeping but still they will ask ”are you sleeping ”☹)

”What the! are you mad? ” Arnav asked not understanding when world war three happened.

”No, you are mad. You disturbed my beauty sleep ” Khushi replied rather shouted.

”Khushi kumari Guptha, i am giving you 30 minutes. Get your ass off bed and get ready, we are going out. I will come to pick you up ” Arnav told sternly and disconnected the call without giving chance to argue.

Khushi started her daily routine cursing arnav for disturbing her day, but one thing she failed to notice is today she didnt woke up with nightmare which she is getting from 7 years.

On the other hand, Arnavs day also started good, As today is saturday he is not having work except one meeting with foreign delegates in his office. As usual he completed his jog and had black coffee.

Suddenly Arnav thoughts went to khushi who is his friend now, with a smile he took his phone and called khushi which was received second time.

After listening to that crazy girl he is sure she will skip breakfast. So, he told khushi to be ready by half an hour. He got ready in casuals, and took car keys and came downstairs.

Arnav family is sitting near breakfast table waiting for him.

”Chote, come lets have breakfast. I made your favorite pasta today ” Told an excited anjali.

”No di, i have an urgent meeting. I will eat something in office ” He told and went outside after telling good byes.

”But the meeting is scheduled at 3 Oclock ” Stated akash.

”May be he have some other meeting akash, you know how much arnav works ” Maama supported arnav not knowing the recent changes in his nephews life.

Everyone agrees to mama statement and had breakfast. Because they all know how much arnav loves his first wife(office).

Exactly after 30 minutes khushi came out of her hostel in white flower printed top with full sleeves and dark blue jeans. Her hairs are tied in high ponytail and she wore sneakers. This is first time arnav seeing her in western cloths. She is looking perfect but something is missing, he looked at her top to bottom and he found out what is missing. Smile, it is missing on khushis face. But still she is looking cute in anger also.

Khushi saw arnavs car in front of her hostel, Arnav opened door gesturing her to sit, she sat without talking to him.

”Someone seems to be still angry ” Arnav commented.

”Yes, because someone disturbed my sleep ” Khushi replied pouting which made arnav chuckle.

”Oh so sad. Will this work to cool their anger ” Arnav told showing a chocolate bar.

”Chocolate!!!! ” Khushi exclaimed and took chocolate from him, she teared wrapper and kept infront of arnav gesturing him to take a byte.

”No Khushi, i have diabetes. I am not allowed to eat sweets ” Arnav told making khushi face fell.

”But one byte wont harm, you know ” Arnav told taking a byte from chocolate, her face lit instantly, and she continued to have it.

Remaining journey went silently. They reached a hotel, it is not high class just a decent restaurant.

”Come lets go ” Arnav told while getting down from car.

”Where? ” khushi questioned.

”To play golf ” Arnav told sarcastically.

”Hey devimayya! why this lard governor wont answer single question directly. Idiot ” Khushi muttered to herself.

”I heard that ” Arnav told while searching for empty table.

”To hear only i said ” Khushi told making arnav raise one eyebrow.

Arnav pulled chair for khushi like a gentleman. They both ordered breakfast after settling down. They started speaking about their likes and dislikes, their childhood where khushi did mostly speaking part and arnav did listening part. They resumed their journey again.

”This is not the way to go my hostel, where are we going ” Khushi shouted making arnav halt the car and put hands on his dear ears.

”What the!! why cant you speak slowly dammit, you will surely make me deaf one day ” Arnav exclaimed.(poor guy)

”If you dont tell me where we are going then today only i will make you deaf ” Khushi replied laughing.

”Jhansi Rani it seems you forgot what i did last time to shut your mouth ” Arnav told smirking which made khushi silent, she knows he is capable of tying her again. She turned other side pouting.

Arnav felt proud of himself for making khushi go silent, this is first time he is being nice to someone who is not his family. He dont know what is happening to him but one thing he know is he needs his Jhansi Rani friendship. He cant afford to loose it, can he?

Khushi is feeling something which she cant able to describe in words. This is first time after years she is feeling that someone is there to take care of her. Arnav is a great friend someone can have. He bought a chocolate to reduce her anger. He came to a middle class restaurant to have breakfast, which means he is changing for their friendship. Isn it a great start to their friendship?.

”We reached ” Arnav announced which brought khushi out of her thoughts, she looked outside her car window and found beautiful garden infront of her.

”Hey Devimayya, yeh kithni sundar hai(this is so beautiful) ” Khushi exclaimed getting down from car without waiting for arnav she went inside garden.

”Arnav this is so so so beautiful. See how many rose plants are there and all those flowers ” Khushi told with so much excitement which bought smile on arnavs face.

”You like it? ” Arnav questioned not knowing why her opinion matters to him.

”Like, no i love it. I feel like building a home here and stay forever ” Khushi told proving arnav that his decision of bringing her to garden is right.

”To Whom this garden belongs to? ” Khushi questioned.

”This is my mothers garden ” Arnav told remembering their moments in this garden.

”thum teek ho? (are you ok?) ” Khushi asked seeing sadness in his face.

”Yes, i am fine. You know when mom is alive, she used to teach me how to take care of plants. ” Arnav told getting lost in his mothers memories.

”Alive? what happened to her? ” Khushi asked.

”Thats a long story, will tell you later. ” Arnav told, he doesn want to remember all those horrible moments now.

”Ok, Will you teach me gardening. You know i like plants but i dont know how to take care of them. Please teach me.. ” Khushi asked making a puppy face which changed arnav mood.

Next three hours went in arnav teaching khushi gardening skills and she listened like a obedient student.

”Will learn how to take care of desert plants in next class ” Arnav told like a professional while cleaning his hands.

”Yes sir ” Khushi replied and they both laughed.

”oh my god, its 2 in noon. I have a meeting at 3 Oclock. It will take 45 minutes to your hostel ” Arnav told suddenly remembering about his meeting.

”Dont worry arnav i will go by auto ” Khushi told.

”No, we are in outskirts of delhi. Taking auto is not safe. You are coming to office with me ” Arnav told to khushi.

”Its ok, what i will do in your office ” Khushi argued not liking the idea of office on saturday.

”No you are coming with me, thats final ” Arnav stated without giving change to argue.

They both reached office by 2:40PM and they straightly went to arnavs cabin. They heard a knock-on door which was replied by a ”come in ”. Aman mathur came inside of cabin with files related to meeting.

Aman is confused to see a lady in his boss cabin and arnav is nowhere seen.

”ohh, who are you? where is ASR? ” aman confused.

”I am arnavs friend, he is in that room ” Khushi showed him arnavs personal room which is not noticed by anyone until unless they have close view on walls.

Aman recognized khushi as same girl who throwed coffee on arnav that day. Then why is she introducing herself as friend, aren they fighting that day?

”I am Aman mathur, ASRs PA. ” Aman introduced.

”And only friend till yesterday ” Arnav completed amans introduction coming out of the room in three piece suit.

”Is it? You seems to be nice person. How you became friend of this lard governor? ” Khushi questioned aman who dont know how to answer.

”The same way you became my friend Jhansi Rani ” Arnav stated truth which made khushi pout.

”I have ordered lunch for us, Khushi you have it. We both will have once we are back from meeting, ok.. if you need anything call me ” Arnav instructed and walked to conference room followed by baffled aman. Aman have many questions to ask arnav but he know this is not time.

Khushi is playing candy crush on her Phone when she heard ”Khushi khumari guptha! you are dead in my hands ” which told that her prank is successful.

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