Demon's Diary

Chapter 5 – Waking Up

ith a hearty smile.

Guan Lao Da walked a few steps away and bent over, pulling out a package wrapped in a flowery cloth from some unknown place. Upon opening it, it was revealed that it was full of all kinds of delicious snacks, which he brought and placed in front of the youth.

Indeed, Liu Ming had been starving for a long time. With a word of thanks he took the package and started to stuff his face ravenously.

In a flash, he devoured seven or eight pastries of varying sizes, upon which he slowed down his eating speed.

“There is no need to rush young one, if there is not enough I still have more with me. Ah right, may I have the pleasure of knowing your name? Why were you in such a place and with such ridiculously heavy injuries?” Guan Lao Da asked as he laughed.

“I am a merchant, my name is Yang Yuan. Originally I was transporting a shipment of extremely valuable cargo with my uncle, ready to do business somewhere else. Unfortunately we met a group of bandits on the way. I escaped into the river while I have no idea if my uncle managed to survive or not.” Liu Ming gave a fake name as he sighed with a sorrowful expression.

While he was on Savage island, Liu Ming had learned a technique to manipulate his emotions and control his facial muscles from a well known fraud. It was a simple matter for him to produce such an expression.

Now that he was a wanted fugitive, carelessly giving out his real name would bring him no end of trouble.

“Ah brother Yang, it was such misfortune for you to encounter bandits. Indeed, in recent times the world is in turmoil. To think that these bandits would have the nerve to commit these crimes in broad daylight, they really have no fear. When we return I will get the head to report it to the officials and put out several wanted posters, making sure that this band of bandits will definitely be arrested.” Guan Lao Da expressed his fury upon hearing about the bandits and inadvertently revealed his true feelings.

If not for bandits killing the young master they were escorting, the pair would never have fallen into such dire circumstances.

“If that is true, my uncles spirit in heaven will definitely thank you.” Liu Ming replied with a somber expression.

“This is a small issue, do not worry about it. However, from your injuries, it looks as though you have experienced a fierce battle and even used abilities that burned your own potential. If not, then the healing process would not have been so troublesome.” Guan Lao Da asked while looking troubled.

“My uncle and I both learned a handful of fighting skills and were schooled in some secret techniques. We engaged the bandits in a fierce, all out battle. Due to their overwhelming numbers I only had one escape route which was the river.” Liu Ming replied without too much thought.

“Brother Yang, you are too humble. You have a Spiritual Pulse within your body, and are clearly a well trained Practitioner of some caliber. How can it be that you only know a handful of techniques? To be able to force you into the river, they cannot be any ordinary bandits.” Guan Lao Da replied while laughing at Liu Mings reply.

“Spiritual Pulse? What is that? I have heard people speak of Practitioners before…” Liu Ming replied truthfully.

“Could it be that you do not know that Practitioners are people that have a Spiritual Pulse? And even then they are ranked the lowest among Spiritual Pulse wielders? If you really were unaware, where could you possibly have learned the method of training your spirit? Even more so, how did you get such a decent sized Yuan Li…?” Guan Lao Da looked at the youth through squinted eyes.

“I honestly do not know whatYuan Li is, but when I was young, I found a nameless Breathing Technique which had the effect of strengthening my body. I have been practicing it all these years. Perhaps this might be the Yuan Li training technique Uncle Guan speaks of!” Liu Mings eyes lit up as realization dawned upon him.

“So it was like that… that is indeed a possibility. Although, the methods to train Yuan Li have always been controlled by the Practitioner Families, there are still some low profile techniques that exist. Its such a pity, if only you knew a few more skills that Practitioners use and had a Practitioner Weapon by your side, then a band of bandits would never have been a match for you.” Guan Lao Da said as he shook his head, evidently not intending to pursue the matter any further.

“Does this mean that the technique elder used to heal me was one based on the use of Yuan Li? Conversely, this also means that elder is a Practitioner!” Liu Ming exclaimed while looking peaceful even though his heart was in turmoil.

While in the midst of escaping, he unexpectedly ran into Practitioners. And now, yet another one appeared before his eyes, this was definitely a rare accident.

While he was on the Savage Island, he had heard numerous rumors regarding Practitioners from the mouths of the other prisoners.

From what he heard, these Practitioners were a rarity within Da Xuan Country. Normal people would have extremely little contact with them and they all possessed unbelievable abilities. They could move light-footed through the air or they could take control of the air itself and use it to injure people. Even more incredible feats included being able to wield super strength, invulnerable to sword and spear attacks, even being immune to drowning or burning. These feats made it so that one man could be the equivalent of a thousand men.

The only way to recognize them was when they released their power. They would often be holding something known as a “Practitioner Weapon,” which upon activation would give off all kinds of light.

Of course, some of the prisoners spoke of the stronger Practitioners who could utilize their full power without a Practitioner Weapon.

Therefore, when Liu Ming first saw that blue-robed man use his Practitioner Weapon, he immediately turned tail and ran for his life.

If not, he might have lost his life to some bizarre attack.

Of course, now that he was told that he himself possessed a Spiritual Pulse and could be considered a Practitioner, he couldnt help but be taken aback

In an instant, the unknown Breathing TechniqueUncle Qian taught him was immediately brought to mind.

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