Demon's Diary

Chapter 24 – Dark Bone Method

ange for a high leveled Cultivation Method.” Liu Ming slowly asked.

“If you have enough Contribution Points, you can indeed get a high leveled Cultivation Method, including the three secret methods that the Sect was founded on. However, do you know how many Contribution Points are needed for a high leveled Cultivation method? There are countless disciples that have not practiced their methods for years and only performed Sect missions for quite a few years and still not been able to get a Cultivation Method. Do you think that you can get that many Contribution Points? In addition, youd need various pills, glyphs during your everyday life. All these need Contribution Points.” After hearing this, the chubby old man said sarcastically.

“Thank you for your advice. Ill look at the suggested method first.” Liu Mings eyelids twitched as he said.

Picking up the black bamboo scroll, Liu Ming started looked through it. However, after two seconds, he raised his head up.

“Ruan Martial Uncle, what is this?” Liu Ming asked the chubby old man in a surprised voice.

The bamboo scroll was broken in some places and had green words carved onto it. However, the green words were all curly and in a language that Liu Ming wasnt sure of.

“Hehe, this is the ancient spirit language,Green Death. Its not strange that you dont know it. Here. This is the translated Dark Bone Method that I did.” The old man smiled before slowly fetching out a thin book and gave it to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming was slightly speechless as he took the book and started looking over it.

The chubby old man patiently stood next to Liu Ming and acted as if the events occurring had nothing to do with him.

“This Dark Bone Method does indeed require the practitioner to have a Three Spiritual Pulse with his or her mental energy as strong as possible. What? There are a total of nine levels, the first level would take about a year to finish. The second level would take two. The third would take four while the fourth would take eight years. In addition, there only seems to be four levels here.” As Liu Ming was reading, his face started to turn ugly.

“Hmph kid, look carefully. Once you finish the first level, you will have the strength of a Beginner Spirit Apostle. The second level goes to a Middle Spirit Apostle while the third level goes to a High Spirit Apostle. As for the fourth level, if you manage to master it, then you can be like me, a Spirit Master! As for the later levels, once you get the fourth level, I will give them to you. What are you so antsy about? In addition, in comparison the entrance Cultivation Methods of the sect, this method has one major advantage.” The chubby old man snorted and rolled his eyes.

“Advantage?” Liu Ming asked questioningly.

“When practicing this Dark Bone Method, while you are a Spirit Apostle, all you need to follow whats written on it and you wont meet any bottlenecks while cultivating. If you dont believe, flip to the last page and look at it carefully.” The old man said with a harsh tone.

“Is that true?” Hearing that, Liu Mings heart started beating heavily. Quickly flipping to the last page, Liu Ming confirmed what the old man said.

“How is it? Did I lie? If I were you, I would definitely choose this Cultivation Method. As long as you are little persistent in training, you should have no problem in becoming a High Spirit Apostle and can start to tackle the Spirit Master barrier. In addition, after you become a Spirit Master, you wont have to go through the trouble of changing your Cultivation Method and can keep using this Dark Bone Method.” The old man shook his head as he said.

“However, I heard that a lot of the fighting techniques in the Sect require one of the entrance Cultivation Methods of the Sect to perform. If I practice this Dark Bone Method, would I still be able to use such techniques?” After thinking for a long time, Liu Ming asked another question.

“You havent practiced this Dark Bone Method yet and thus naturally dont know about how the training in the first few levels are extremely similar to the Ghost Spirit Method of the Sect. Im guessing that all the techniques that the Ghost Spirit Method can use should also be usable by this method without any problems.”

“Youre guessing that it should be without problem?” Hearing this, Liu Mings mouth twitched.

“Kid, this method can promise you get to the High Spirit Apostle level in about a dozen years and you dont need to worry about changing methods. Youre lucky that Im even offering you the chance to practice this method. What else do you want? If you keep being so long-winded and dont want to practice this method then never mind. Give it back to me. If not for you fitting the requirements of this method, I would have never taken it out.” The old man seemed slightly mad as he started grabbing for the book.

“Im sorry Martial Uncle. I will be learning this Dark Bone Method.” Liu Ming jumped in surprise and quickly shoved the book into his pocket.

“At least youre somewhat sensible. Oh right, when you leave later, do not tell anyone about the Dark Bone Method, instead tell everyone else youre practicing the Ghost Spirit Method.” Seeing this, the old man seemed to calm down.

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