Demon's Diary

Chapter 23 – Martial Uncle Ruan

dnt fake more gestures as she took a step forward.


The chubby old man nodded and waved his sleeves. After an explosion of white light, Wan Xiao Qing was also teleported away.

“Xue Junior, what Cultivation Method did you choose?” At this time, Shu Chuan asked Xue Shan.

“I picked the “Earth Spirit Method” described by Senior before. Martial Uncle Ruan checked my talents and helped me analyzed the various Cultivation Methods. After hearing everything, I felt that this method was best for me.” Xue Shan spoke truthfully.

“Hehe, then Ill congratulate Junior. I also practice “Earth Sprit Method” and also at the early stages, this Cultivation Method cannot compare to the other methods, there are extremely few bottlenecks in which you dont find your strength increasing for long periods of time. This is also one of the most practiced methods within the Sect. After you practice this method to a certain extent, you can also change to the Dark Styx Devil Method.” Shi Chuan smiled as he explained.

“What? Shi Senior also practices this “Earth Spirit Method”? Great! Then when Junior has any questions about the method, can I ask you for help?” Xue Shan replied happily.

“Of course. If Junior has any questions for “Earth Spirit Method”, feel free to come and ask me.” Shi Chuan responded without any hesitation.

Hearing this, Xue Shan quickly and repeatedly said thanks.

Liu Ming stood by the side smiling.

The time which Wan Xiao Qing took wasnt long and after only about half the time Xue Shan took, she and the old man appeared in the room.

Wan Xiao Qing also had a happy expression which made it obvious that she didnt return empty handed.

This time, before Liu Ming could ask anything, the chubby old man waved his sleeve towards Liu Ming.

All Liu Ming saw was a vase expanse of white light and suddenly he felt like he was free falling. After stumbling a step, he almost fell to the floor.

Thankfully, Liu Mings reaction time was far from normal and with a near impossible twist of his waist, he steadied himself.

“Huh? Pretty good. Youre quite agile. The two kids before couldnt stand after being teleported.” The old mans voice came floating into Liu Mings ears.

Recovering himself, Liu Ming looked towards his surroundings.

Liu Ming saw that he was in the middle of an foreign hall while the chubby old man was about two meters away.

The entire hall was a couple acres large and split into different regions by five-colored light walls. In each region, there was a stone table and on top of the tables were various scrolls in different shapes and sizes. Each pile of scrolls were covered by a colorful light lid.

“Before, I had learned some mortal techniques and thus have a reaction time faster than others.” Suddenly coming back to his senses, Liu Ming quickly bowed to the old man before explaining.

“You dont have to explain anything to me. I was only randomly asking. Come with him, all the entrance Cultivation Methods are here.” The old Spirit Master waved his hand and walked towards a certain light wall.

After a bitter smile, Liu Ming followed behind.


Under an arc drawn by the old mans nameplate, the light wall was immediately broken into sparkling dust.

After walking into the region, Liu Ming showed surprise on his face.

“These are the free entrance Cultivation Methods that you can learn right now! What, do you have any thoughts?” After glancing at Liu Ming, the old man asked without much surprise.

“Martial Uncle Ruan, I heard from Senior Shi that there were only thirteen entrance Cultivation Methods in our sect. However, there are much more than thirteen Cultivation Methods here.” Liu Ming glanced at the hundreds of stone tables as he asked.

“Our Sect only has thirteen entrance Cultivation Method but after being founded for thousands of years, we have also found and collected other entrance Cultivation Methods. Theres nothing surprising about that. However, I would suggest new disciples like you to not choose any of the other entrance Cultivation Methods. Theres a reason for our Sect only having thirteen main entrance Cultivation Methods. Many of the other methods either dont have a more powerful method corresponding to it or that practicing requires some special environment. Thus they are not suitable.” The old man answered lazily.

“Martial Uncle, thank you for your advice. Do you have any suggestions for the right Cultivation Method for me?” After Liu Ming heard the old man, he looked over nearly a hundred stone tables before asking again.

“What Spiritual Pulse are you?” Without even thinking, the old man asked.

“I am a Three Spiritual Pulse!” Liu Ming answered respectfully.

“Three Spiritual Pulse! Okay!” After nodding, the old man suddenly waved his arm and beckoned to the air in front of hi.

Liu Ming suddenly felt his body tighten as if it was bounded by some unknown force. Then with a “sou” sound, he was pulled towards the chubby old man.

After an initial shock, Liu Ming stopped struggling.

Then, he saw the old man chanting as the old mans palms starting lighting up. Then, they transformed into shadows as the old man started patting Liu Ming.

However, Liu Ming felt nothing from the pats. Instead, after every pat, there was a warmth that would dive under his skin and even into his bones.

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