Demon's Diary

Chapter 22 – Duty Hall

free. For the powerful and secret techniques, one had to earn enough Contribution Points in order to learn from the Scripture Pavilion. These Contribution Points could as be exchanged for pills, Glyphs, and various other materials or be used as entrance fees to special training places within the sect.

As for Spirit Stones, they were the most universal currency in the Practitioner World. They were basically stones that contained Worldly Qi and were cut into slabs the size of an inch in length and width.

The huge crystals that were used in the Opening Spirit Ceremony were original Spirit Stones that had not been cut into individual small pieces.

Even though it was the first time Liu Ming had heard of these two objects, he knew that if he wanted to excel within the sect, these two things would be extremely important. The gaze in which he looked at the huge tower also grew heated.

At this time, there were few disciples entering and exiting the huge tower; probably because it was quite late.

Quickly, Shi Chuan brought the trio through the huge door of the tower.

The first floor of the tower was only about a half acre large and had a long, rectangular stone table with an old man with muddled eyes behind it. In front of him were about five to six disciples listening to what the old man was saying.

“Okay, you can leave. I will count this mission as complete. However, if your next mission is still as bad, I will penalize your Contribution Points. Take out your name plates.” Finally, the old man impatiently said.

“Thank you, Hu Enforcer!” The outer sect disciples were all smiles as they hurriedly took out white jade slates and placed them on the large stone table.

The Hu Enforcer also took out a light gold stick and tapped the white jade slates before putting away the stick.

After this was done, the outer disciples smiled as they left the stone counter.

“Senior Hu, I have brought a couple of new Juniors to receive their things.” Seeing this, Shi Chuan quickly brought the trio forward and respectfully said to the Hu old man.

“I was wondering who it was. So its Junior Shi. These few disciples are the new disciples in your faction? They all look promising. Oh right, the Dark Qi Stones that Junior brought last time, are there any more of those? Ill be buying them all at the same price as before.” Once the old man saw Shi Chuans face, he immediately smiled and ignored Liu Ming and the new disciples after a curious glance.

“Senior Hu, Ive been busying training recently and havent had time to go to the Dark Sand Valley.” Shi Chuans eyebrows furrowed as he faintly said.

“Haha, no problem. When Junior Shi has time, remember to bring Senior a couple pieces. Oh, Ill retrieve the things for the three Juniors. Your names are….”

The old man with the last name Hu showed disappointment on his face but soon cheered up as he turned to Liu Ming and the new disciples.

Liu Ming and the others quickly said their names and after verifying that these names were all correct, the old man walked to the blank green stone wall behind him.

The result scared the new disciple trio.

Right after making contact with the wall, a bright white light shone from the old man and after the light disappeared, the old man was gone.

“Junior Bai, you dont have to be so surprised. That was just an extremely simple Passing Object Technique along with a couple of seals.” Shi Chuan smiled as he explained.

Hearing this, the shock on Liu Mings trios faces diminished a little.

After a while, Hu Old Man came out again with a flash of light. In his hands were quite a few things that he placed on the stone table.

“Each person will get one nameplate, one Dust Avoidance Suit, one Practitioner Sword and five Spirit Stones. Also, I will remind you that new Disciples can get five Spirit Stones from here every month, but you also need to finish a mission in order to receive their five stones. Alright, each of you must mark the slates in front of me with a drop of blood in order to activate them.” Hu Old Man lightly said.

“The nameplate is a thing of the sect that will show ones identity and Contribution Points. By itself, its a special Practitioner Weapon that will bond to one after a drop of blood is placed onto it. After bonding, it can only be used by one person.” Shi Chuan explained at the side.

Even though Liu Ming still didnt really understand, he knew that now was not the time to ask and moved his finger to his mouth. After biting a small wound onto the tip of his finger, he let a drop of blood fall onto the slate.

The drop of red blood landed squarely and was sucked into the Jade Slate.

Instantly, the nameplate shone with a layer of soft white light and a couple of weird silver glyphs before turning back to normal.

Liu Ming curiously picked up the normal nameplate and poked around.

“Junior Bai, once you have Fa Li, all you need to do is insert a tiny bit of Fa Li into this and you will learn how to use it.” Shi Chuan said.

Nodding, Liu Ming quickly put away the nameplate and grabbed a green Sect Disciple clothing and a yellow sheathed sword.

Xue Shan and Wan Xiaoqing copied Liu Mings actions and quickly finished.

After saying thanks to the Hu Old Man, the three followed Shi Chuan out of the stone tower.

“We still have some time right now. Junior Bai, do you guys want to go to the Scripture Pavilion to look around?” Right after exiting, Shi Chuan stopped and asked after some hesitation.

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