Demon's Diary

Chapter 20 – Belonging

pride and power to the Sect.”

Afterwards, he stood up and placed a candle into the huge bronze pot before returning to his place.

With someone starting it off, the youths gradually walked up to pay their respects. Their words were all alike to Gao Chongs.

As soon as all of the disciples finished paying their respects, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader once again stood in front of everyone. He said with a motionless expression, “Our sect has three forbidden rules, thirty-six sect laws. Break a single one of them and the worst will be destruction of your flesh while pulling out your soul, the easiest would be the sealing of your Fa Li while being thrown into the black wind valley to go experience the wind-lightning punishment. As for the full descriptions of these sect rules, someone will tell you in detail in a few days. All of you better take care of yourselves.”

TL: Fa Li is the Spirit Apostle version of Yuan Li

“Yes.” The group of disciples replied loudly with all their heart.

“Also, our sect also splits into eight factions: Dancing Ghost, Baleful Yin, Mysterious Glyphs, Nine Infants, Poisonous Spirit, Corpse Refinery, Heavens Secret, and Blood Control. According to traditional practice, the Martial Uncles from each of the eight sects will take turns picking you. Do any of you have any comments?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect leader asked patiently.

Naturally, none of the disciples would actually speak out and object.

Seeing this, the Sect Leader continued satisfied, “Since its like that, then let an old man like me represent the Blood Control faction to first pick a disciple. Gao Chong, your talent is not bad; are you willing to join the Blood Control faction and become my personal disciple?”

As soon as the words were out, the Barbarian Ghost Sect leaders gaze fell sharply onto the tall youth.

“Gao Chong is willing to become Sect Leaders disciple.” As the tall youth heard the old man, he walked out of the group without hesitation and gave a large bow to the old man in respect.

“Good, child, you can get up. From now on you are this old mans seventh personal disciple. Your other Shi Xiongs and Shi Jies will be introduced to you later when you follow me to our residence.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect leader laughed loudly and allowed the tall youth to get up and retreated to the side with him.

The Ru, Chu and Lei Spirit Masters had ugly faces when they saw this but didnt actually speak up against this.

“I am Chu Qi, the faction leader of Baleful Yin. Ru Lan, come over here.” Chu Spirit Master then walked out and waved to a girl that was mixed in among the crowd.

Chu Spirit Master, who showed his true face, actually looked about thirty years old and was quite handsome.

“What? Shes the one who has the Aphrodites body!”

“No way. I know her, isnt her name is Shu Er?”

“Stupid, she used a fake name!”

The disciples next to the girl quickly made way while the other disciples started muttering among themselves.

The girl treated all of this commotion as if it was nothing and walked out of the crowd with a calm face. After slightly bowing to Chu Qi, she stood up without any orders.

Chu Qi showed approval and nodded before bringing the girl to his side.

“Aphrodites Body!” Liu Ming stared at the girl again before remembering the extremely beautiful girl that he saw while waiting for his Opening Spirit Ceremony. Suddenly, he connected the dots and realized the relationship between the two.

“Lei Zhe, what are you waiting for? Get over here.” The Lei Spirit Master stood where he was and yelled at Lei Zhen among the crowd.

The edges of Lei Zhens eyes twitched as he walked out of the crowd as if he was unwilling.

Like this, the eight factions picked their first disciple. Eight of the most talented disciples quickly followed behind the various Spirit Masters.

The Gui Spirit Master helplessly choose a Nine Spiritual Pulse disciple. It seemed like this was the best disciple he could gather under the approval of the Sect Leader.

For the Nine Infant Faction Leader, being able to have a Nine Spiritual Pulse Disciple was definitely something that was worthy of celebration. However, when he thought about the Earth Spiritual Pulse Disciple that was promised to his faction, he could only force his smile.

As for the other factions, they all chose Nine Spiritual Pulse Disciples.

In the second round, all the factions basically choose the remaining Nine Spiritual Pulses, Six Spiritual Pulses and disciples that showed talent in a particular subject.

As a Three Spiritual Pulse Disciple, Liu Ming naturally wasnt able to be chosen in the first few rounds.

However when the Six Spiritual Pulse Disciples were all chosen, someone finally noticed Liu Ming.

It was Ghost Dance Factions Lin Spirit Master. Her full name was Lin Caiyu and looked like a twenty year old girl. When her gaze swept across Liu Ming, she remembered how the Sect Leader said that Liu Mings mental energy was much stronger than normal people.

Their Sect relied quite heavily on the art of illusions and thus needed some Disciples that had decent mental energies.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Spirit Master decided that when it was her turn again, she would choose Liu Ming.

As for the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, he was already planning out the training route for Gao Chong and completely forgot about Liu Ming.

However, something happened beyond Lin Spirit Masters expectations.

“Oh, youre name is Bai Chong Tian right? Are you willing to our Nine Infant Faction?” When it was the Gui Spirit Masters turn, he pointed to Liu Ming and asked in a carefree voice.

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