Demon's Diary

Chapter 14 – Jia Lan

realizing and biting his tongue to force his eyes away from her face. At the same time, he whimpered in his heart—scary!

Was this the legendary Aphrodite Body!? At such a young age, the girl was already luring people in. Imagine the power she would have if she were a bit older.

What made Liu Ming more scared was that the girl had been in the line for a long time but no one had noticed her before. How was it that it took a while for him to realize that such a pretty girl was there?

In addition, Liu Ming felt a cold sweat when he realized that even the girls showed a hint of love as they gazed toward the pretty young girl.

This girl was definitely strange. It would be better to be far from this girl—Liu Ming quickly made a decision.

However, other people didnt have as strong of a conviction as Liu Ming, and their sneaky gazes turned to outright stares after realizing that the girl in question didnt care.

After some time, the young girl furrowed her brow and looked toward the youths from the Practitioner Clans.

The youths that met her gaze all lowered their heads with their cheeks flushed, but there were a few, like Lei Zhen, who returned her gaze boldly.

When the young girls gaze passed over Liu Ming and found that he wasnt looking at her like the others were but instead at the Spirit Convergence Stage, she was slightly stunned but did not dwell on the matter.


A milk-white beam shot out from the silver diagram and converged toward the sky. The clear crystals and silver lines embedded in stage also lit up, while the entire stage rumbled softly.

At almost the same time, Liu Ming felt the air around him stiffen with something extra in it. After hesitating slightly, he took a deep breath and felt a refreshing sense wash over him.

With such a drastic event, the youths who were still lost in the young girls charm woke up, revealing surprised expressions as they looked to the stage.

In addition, on the high platform, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader gave some orders after seeing the stage successfully activated.

“Junior Lei , as discussed before, you will be hosting this ceremony with the other Juniors helping. The Opening Spirit Ceremony is a large event for our sect and cannot be treated carelessly.”

“Yes.” Hearing that, the others on the platform bowed.

The youths waiting suddenly saw a couple of shadows fly up from the high platform and speed toward the stage.

The youths from influential clans were all stunned by this sight while the Barbarian Ghost Practitioners kneeled down on one leg and shouted.

“Greetings to our Martial Uncles!”

TL: Martial Uncle is a Junior/Senior of ones Shi Fu(master/teacher)

“Stand. In a while, we will split you guys into files of a hundred to enter the Spirit Convergence Stage. In it, youre life will be in jeopardy but if you open your Spiritual Sea, you will no longer be a mortal! Ill ask you one more time, is there anyone who would like to forgo this chance?” A shadow who was Junior Lei spoke softly and slowly.

Hearing this, neither Barbarian Ghost Practitioners nor youths from influential families spoke—no one was dumb enough to let so many resources go to waste.

“Good, very good!” Junior Lei said two goods and nothing more.

Liu Ming was hidden within the crowd and was curiously looking at the Martial Uncles in the air.

Although, he couldnt see the real faces of these people because of the layer of light that surrounded them.

When he looked back toward the Barbarian Ghost Practitioners, he realized that the pretty girl who was drawing everyones attention had disappeared. In fact, he could barely remember where that girl had been standing!

Even though Liu Ming could be considered quite brave, he still felt a tinge down his back, much like seeing a ghost in broad daylight.

The crowd that Liu Ming was in also seemed to have realized that they couldnt find the girl anymore. With the realization came a decent sized commotion while many revealed expressions of disbelief on their faces.

On the high platform, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader saw this and looked toward a slightly pretty girl. He smiled at Junior Lin who hadnt flown into the air to host the ceremony.

“Jia Lans Aphrodite Body is truly amazing. It has quite an effect even before she has opened her Spiritual Sea. I think she will be quite impressive when she becomes a Spirit Apostle.”

“Hmph, if not for that, why would I fight with Chu Senior over her. Unfortunately, even though this Spiritual Body is quite rare, the owner of the body has many more obstacles in training. The Aphrodite Body isnt very useful against those that are of a higher level than the owner.” Junior Lin bragged proudly before starting to list off the inadequacies of that Spiritual Body.

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