Demon's Diary

Chapter 1 – Escapee from Savage Island

In a remote jungle nestled between the Chu State and Whitewater City within the Da Xuan Country, a thin and frail figure was leaning against a thick tree trunk. Both of his legs were spread apart in a relaxed manner.

This figure belonged to a thirteen or fourteen year old teenager.

Aside from his unusually pale face, the boy had fairly common facial features. His clothes were loose fitting and a bright shining steel sword was carelessly thrown by his side.

The sword, although shiny, was also stained with spots of dried, black blood.

A strip of cloth was wrapped around the teenagers shoulder, multiple times, forming a makeshift tourniquet. Even though it was tight, fresh blood still leaked out.

Closing his eyes, the young man became motionless against the tree trunk, as if he was taking a nap.

Suddenly, a slight “shaa… shaa…” sound came from within the jungle. Something was rapidly approaching the young man.

The young man opened his eyes and jumped up, while his toe instinctively flicked to the side.


The steel sword shot up and rested snugly within the young mans palm.

The young man looked in the direction of the sound and without hesitation, leaped in the other direction. With just a few steps, he disappeared into the jungle.

After a while, a group of black-armored warriors appeared from the jungle brush, moving in a tight battle formation.

There were only twenty warriors, but everyone in their group was tall and sturdy with looks that matched those of seasoned veterans. It was clear that they were soldiers who were used to bloodshed.

They came out from one side of the jungle. After a low grunt from one of them, all twenty of them stopped and stood perfectly straight in the same spot.

At the same time, one of the young warriors hastily stepped forward and squatted down in front of where the youth once rested. Using his hands, he quickly dug through the teens resting place before soon standing up again.

“General Wang, the fugitive has only recently fled. If we were to leave now, we might be able to catch him.” The warrior reported to the only member within their group who was not wearing a black helmet and was instead showing off his bald head.

While the warriors were relatively tall, compared to this two meter giant next to them, they were much shorter in comparison. They were like children standing in front of an adult.

“Hmph, there is no need to chase him. Weve already secured the surrounding cities. No matter how cunning this brat is, he wont be able to escape. To that side, General Situ has already been waiting for a long time. Now, all we have to do is to slowly make our way over to him.” The giant man snorted while staring in the direction the young man had escaped in.

“Sir, this is a huge criminal that the state demands be apprehended. If we capture him, we will have accomplished something great. Are we really going to give our prize away to General Situ?” An armored warrior asked after a moments hesitation.

“Something great? No matter. Whether General Situ gets our prize or not will depend on if he has the capability required to capture the fugitive. Regardless, let us slow down a bit so that we might be able to catch them both tired.” The giant man said without emotion while wiping his bald head.

“Sir, what do you mean by that? General Situ has far more people than we do. Even if that young man knows a few skills, how will it be possible for him to stand against General Situ?” Astounded, the young soldier stared at his commanding officer.

“Yu Xin, youve been by my side for quite some time now and I can tell that you are quite strong. However, if you were wanted by the government, what is the most you would be able to face and still be able to get away safely?” The gigantic man didnt answer the young soldier directly, instead he replied with a deep question.

TL: Yu Xin is not an important name – no need to remember it.

“If I were fighting general detectives, then I could handle about seven or eight of them without a problem. However, if they numbered over ten, I would start having problems.” The young soldier wasnt sure where his superior was going with his question but regardless he answered the question.

“Seven or eight! Hah. Ever since the arrest warrant for this kid was issued, the number of general detectives killed while trying to capture him has already surpassed that paltry amount by tenfold!” The giant man roared with laughter, coldly explaining why he asked his original question.

“The general detectives have all been trained by specialists, though they cannot compare to us of the Black Tiger Guard, they definitely arent as weak as the average person!” The young soldiers face revealed a look of disbelief, he couldnt understand how this youngster could be that strong.

“This youth, he originally escaped from Savage Island, which in itself is no small feat. The island was originally designed to be a prison for the most diabolical of people; each prisoner locked away there possesses great talent and power. Never should they be underestimated.” The giant coldly stated.

“What? He escaped from Savage Island!?”

The young soldier sucked in a breath and suddenly, another thought came to him. Hastily, he asked,

“Sir, Ive heard that Savage Island sank overnight, and didnt they say that all of the prisoners sank with the island? The infamous Dead Sea surrounds it; a special Ebony Boat is required to traverse the waters. Nothing else is capable of staying afloat.”

“Im not too sure of that myself, but other than that young man, at least ten others escaped from the Dead Sea. If it werent for the fact that we accidentally found one of the escapees and interrogated him for information, Im afraid that the Courts would not have known about this at all. Consequently, the Black Tiger Guard would not have been sent to patrol this place either. No matter though, tha

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