The silent sound of waves echoed through the small transparent glass room. The crashing waves created a serene and calming sound, but the occupant inside the huge glass room was not the least bit calm.

He was in pain. His handsome pale face scrunched up as he held his stomach.

”Chu Han, you have to eat your meals, ” a calming voice was heard outside.

Chu Mian looked at him with a subtle frown. He was still in his suit. The dark circles under his eyes were becoming much more prominent as days went on. He likely came back directly from his work without taking a rest.

He took the meal prepared for him from the nanny and placed in the disinfecting chamber. ”eat on time, Han. ”

Chu Han immediately removed his hand from his stomach and pretended to read the book that was splayed on the bedside table. Fine sweat covered his forehead. He subtly let his long bang fall over his forehead, hiding it from sight.

”I don feel hungry…you don have to come here every day. Im okay. Im all healthy and well, ” he mustered the calmest and most soothing voice he could muster.

The pain plagues his whole body. His legs under the blanket were trembling.

Chu Mians expression distorted. He hurriedly moved close to the glass wall and placed a hand on the transparent surface. ”Does your tummy hurt? Is it your lungs? Can you breathe properly… ” he worriedly peered at him.

”No… Im just bored… ” he gave him the kindest smile. Another bout of excruciating pain spread through his body. He felt sick to his stomach. Bile rose up his throat. He calmly swallowed it down,

His lungs were giving out. He hurriedly glanced away from his brother at the tv that was now playing videos of the ocean. The beautiful blue waves crashed into the shore and disappeared into beautiful white foam.

That was just like his life.

He was diagnosed with the rarest disease called Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. it left his body open to any kind of infection. even the most common cold was deadly to his body.

He was just two years old when he was diagnosed with this disease. it was the hardest thing for his father to face. they had tried everything to heal him. The doctors came up with a spinal fluid transplant treatment. his father and his brother stepped up to donate it to him. but they were not a match.

only his mother was.

After so many days of convincing his dad finally got her to agree to the transplant. he was so young back then but he could still feel the disgust his mothers eyes held after she had donated her spinal fluids to him.

chu Han closed his eyes. her donation really gave him a healthy life. he lived well until he was fifteen when all hell broke loose. his parents passed away in a car crash leaving the pair of brothers all alone in the world.

like a nasty gnarly beast that came out of the dark the autoimmune disease flared up again.

his lungs would give out occasionally and his liver had failed him twice. he had a transplant just a year ago.

before he got sick, he had a very cheerful life

Like a retreating wave, his life retreated back to the small glass enclosure.

Soon it would just turn into foam and disappear.

His eyes fell on his own reflection on the glass surface of the room. his face looked vane and pale. his fingertips that held the books were so skinny, like sticks. his forearm looked so thin there was barely any flesh on them.

Even though he was so thin he had very handsome features. his eyes were soft and kind looking. his nose was straight and his lips were a slight shade of red.

Soon this face will disappear from this world.

”I want to visit the ocean one last time….., ” he thought out loud.

Through the reflection, he saw his brothers trepidation. He looked saddened and powerless as he peered into the bubble. ”w-we found a match! I have asked the doctors… after the surgery, you might be able to leave this place, ”

Chu Han just peered at his face. his brother was obviously lying. There was no match for him. it has been four years there had been no match found all around the globe. Even his doctors had been stunned and saddened when they were informing him this.

”Okay brother. ” He took the food and pretended to eat it.

It tasted like sand. His body was deteriorating and he knew it. But he did not want his brother to worry about it.

The food felt like sand as it slid down his throat to his aching stomach. His lungs were burning as well.

He hurriedly swallowed the food and placed the tray close to the small opening. ”Im tired. ” He mumbled, covering himself up completely in his weighted blanket.

”Sleep well little Han. Just wait a little bit. Brother will take you Hawai, ”

”Hmm, ” he smiled up at him. ”I love you, ”

His brother froze. he weirdly glanced at him. ”You will tell me if you are in pain, right? ”

”Hmm, ” he nodded meekly.

”Good… you have to tell me Han. You have to. Brother only has you, ” he mustered up a soft smile.

Chu Han smiled back. ”I will….., ”

”oh.. kay.. Ill get going then. Ill come back and accompany you for dinner. You have to listen to the nanny, got it? No skipping meals or snack times. You have to be good. ”

Chu Han smirked. ”I will be good, ”

With a backward glance, his brother left the room.

Soon as he did, Chu Han

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