Cursed Legacy

Old Enmity

e late, Aleks ”

”Yes, sorry Im late ”

I was in the front of the classroom when the teacher said that to me. Its no wonder because indeed Im really late. Of course, I did that purposefully. Because I don know where my seat is, so I conclude that Ill just have to arrive late and see where the empty seats are.

I already went to hell when I came back to the academy like a person with memory loss. I don know where the dorm is, where the cafeteria is, etc. Luckily, it looks like Im a famous person here, so everyone knows where my dorm is. But it still sucks you know.

”Sigh, go to your seat, The teacher said while pointing to an empty seat at the back side of the classroom.

So its my seat, thank god you saved me there.

While I walk to my seat I could see many students giving me a stare. Some of them are whispering to one another. Its… as I expected, no one likes me even in this class.

”Ku ku ku, you seemed to be hated somehow ”, Said a voice inside my head.

”I know, and stop talking to me when Im in the class ”, I replied.

A few minutes after the teacher continue the lesson, I started to realize that… I can understand anything the teacher just explain!

Magic is a foreign concept for someone from the earth like me. Furthermore, I lost all of the knowledge from the start of this academy. Well, its not like Aleks has the knowledge too if I could say. I believe all he does here is just play.

Im doomed then.

”What are you worrying about? Don you already have the strongest magic power in this world? Just show it to them and theyll treat you like a king ”

”You know what, Id be damned if I ever take advice from you ”

Like Ill ever show it casually to them. Yes, theyll treat me like a king, but for how long? Each time I show my power, I lose a few of my remaining lifespan. If that continued on, it won be long before I die. Such a stupid decision.

”And please don forget that todays lesson will be included in the final exam. Please study more diligently as the final exam is approaching ”, The teacher suddenly said in front of the class, making most student face ugly.

”Thats it for todays lesson ”, The teacher said while leaving the classroom.

The classroom suddenly turns noisy as the student are discussing what the teacher has just said.

”Hey, mind if I borrow some of your notes? ”

”Do you have some notes on lecture 5? I didn come to the class that day ”

”Lets study together later ”

There are many noises, but most of them seem to just ignore me. Well, I won mind that. Its better for you to ignore me rather than disturb me. As for now, I should be thinking about the final exam too. Im afraid that I can survive this academy if not.

While thinking about the final exam, the classroom door seems to be opened with a loud bang. Theres a girl with auburn hair standing there. There seem to be some girls that follow behind her as if they
e her loyal follower. She walks at a fast speed in my direction.

”You… from now on, please stop considering my little sister as your fiancee. From the moment your house falls, the moment you stop being a fiancee to my little sister ”, She said sternly while looking down at me still sitting in my chair.

I look up at her face. Clearly, from what she speaks, its clear that shes the second princess of this kingdom, Elaine Ashten, the sister of my fiancee, Evelyn Ashten. I stared at her intently, because this is the first time Im seeing one of the main characters of the novel in real life.

”Do you hear me!? ”, She roared at me.

”I do ”, We still staring at each other when I said that. I guess she just doesn believe me. I stand up and face the whole classroom

”From now on, I, Aleksander, declare that Evelyn Ashten is not my fiancee anymore. And whatever she does in the past or in the future, is not my concern anymore, and so do I ”, I said to everyone in the whole class. And then I stared back at Elaine and asked, ”Is that enough? ”,

I deliberately did not mention my family name to tell her that Amberster is no more. I also realize that this marriage is political and not so naive as to expect her little sister to marry me after I lost my family.

We stared at each other for a few seconds. Our eyes are pretty close to each other after I stand up. I could see her blue eyes still staring at me as if trying to figure out what I am thinking.

”Humph, lets go ”, Elaine just turn her back and call for her follower. And then she left the classroom. I guess that makes her satisfied. Everyone seems to stare at the door which she left, and stared back at me.

Its an awkward situation for me to be in. So I excused myself to leave the classroom too. One thing about being an adult is, you know how to read the situation.

Elaine in the novel was described as someone whos overprotective of everyone that she cares about. And she loves her little sister the most. The novel describes because her sister was scared to marry an infamous playboy like me, she even dares to go against the king himself, her father.

I guess the fall of Amberster is just to her advantage. Her little sister, Evelyn, is supposed to attend this academy by next year. I guess its also good to clear up our misunderstanding before she starts attending this academy.

Evelyn has a meek personality. In the novel, by the time she arrived here, everyone still regards her as ”Aleks fiancee ”, even though Aleks is already dead. It troubles her every time she hears about Aleks past misdeeds. So my statement in the classroom can be said to give her a reason to not be concerned and burden herself with my past misdeeds anymore.

With that being said, Its best for me to forget it and go to the cafeteria.

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