“Shocking! Company Workers Died Suddenly After Being on Duty for 24 Hours Straight!”

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“Fifty Dangers of Staying up Late! After Reading This, Would You Dare to Still Endure?”

“Employee Died From Overwork, the Company Will Pay 500,000 Yuan for Compensation…”

Li Zhicheng received the forwarded articles and sent him a row of question marks.
He also gave him a call to confirm whether his phone had been stolen.

In a few words, Yun Xian briefly described how he met his employee at the café that night.
He skipped on a lot of details, but highlighted the bleak atmosphere on that rainy night and the young woman’s pitiful, tired and sad look after working overtime.

Li Zhicheng felt apprehensive and extremely guilty when he heard this.

Complete Sincerity: When I gave her the card today, I thought I was very powerful and handsome.

Complete Sincerity: I was so cool the moment I was giving her the card, but I felt extremely heartbroken after it was over.

See the Mountain: You went that far?

Complete Sincerity: I was saving money for my future wife, and now I’m in a pinch, you a**hole.

Yun Xian didn’t want to bother with his nonsense again, so he sent him a red envelope.

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The other side accepted it with delight and sent him a gif with a dog tilting its head.

The last customers at the table in the shop left.
Yun Xian said, “Take care.” He put away his phone and got up to clean up the plates on the table.

As soon as he put the plates into a pile and picked them up, he heard the bell ring behind him.

There was still a pool of water under the tree from the rain a few days ago.
The warm sun was shining on the earth, and the white clouds were faint.
The wind breezed through the branches.
The world seemed bright and brilliant.

The girl stepped through the door with the light shining behind her.
Yun Xian could only see the outline of a figure.
She took a few steps forward, and the lighting changed.
Her face could be seen under the clear light.

It was Jiang Ying.

She was wearing a lavender sweater, and light blue jeans that outlined her perfectly straight and well proportioned legs.

Perhaps the sun was shining so magnificently that it casted her in a soft and touching light.

“Boss Yun.” Jiang Ying called out to him, smiling like a Japanese cherry blossom in the spring with her eyes fixated on him.

“Hello.” Yun Xian carried the plates back to the counter.
The porcelain plates were placed into the sink, making a clattering sound.
He rinsed his hands and took a paper towel to dry them.
He handed a menu to Jiang Ying and asked, “What would you like to have today?”

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Jiang Ying took a quick look and ordered, “Ten slices of cakes, five lattes and five Americanos.”

Yun Xian had an idea as to why she was here, but asked anyways, “Are you buying afternoon tea for your colleagues?”

Jiang Ying nodded, she reached for the card and waved it.  “The boss is treating.”

After a quick swipe, Li Zhicheng’s cell phone received a notification for payment, but he didn’t know whose account the money went into.

Ten slices would take some time to prepare.
Yun Xian had regrets for allowing Zhao Xinrou and Su Cheng to leave early today, but there was at least something to keep him busy and less bored.

Jiang Ying was in no hurry.
She sat on the stool by the counter and propped her chin up.
She watched him operate skillfully.
She was in a trance as if she had returned to that rainy night.

“When did you learn to make coffee?”

Yun Xian stirred the Americano and replied to her, “In the last two years.
I was interested in it, so I learned a bit.”

Jiang Ying complimented him, “But you look very professional.”

Yun Xian smiled but did not say a word.

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When everything was made, Yun Xian found a cardboard box and packed it for her.
He picked it up and realized that it was heavy.
“Can you carry it? Why don’t you ask your colleagues to come help you?”

“It’s all right, I can carry it.” Jiang Ying picked up the box carefully.
It was a bit of a struggle, but it was not a problem to get it to the company.

“Bye, boss.” Jiang Ying was about to turn around and walk away.


“Hey, wait a minute.” Yun Xian stopped her.

Jiang Ying held the box against the edge of the table and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Yun Xian handed over a post-it note with a string of numbers written on it.
“This is my number.
If you buy afternoon tea again for the company in the future, give me a call and I’ll ask the workers to deliver it to you.”

Jiang Ying took it and crumbled it into her hand.

She hesitated for a few seconds before leaving, but mustered the courage to ask him, “Is it fine for me to add you on Wechat?”

Without waiting for him to answer, she hastily added, “It’s more convenient to contact you this way.”

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Yun Xiani nodded.

After getting his reply, Jiang Ying’s mood was as light as stepping on clouds even though she was carrying ten cups of coffee and ten cakes in her arms.

Yun Xian left the counter to see her off and helped her open the glass door.
“Be careful.

The girl’s voice was brisk.
“Goodbye, boss!”

The smile on Yun Xian’s lips remained as he watched her leave with the cardboard box in her arms.
Pretty soon, she disappeared around the corner.

He was free again.
He looked back to the empty room and suddenly felt a little bored.

The days were getting longer and longer.
What was he going to do to kill time?


The author has something to say:

The Wechat she deserves to get was going to come eventually.

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