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After completing his training, Satrio immediately returned to his room to clean up and have breakfast.

Its just that what he never expected was when he returned to having breakfast on the second day on the ship, Bella came to his table again.

”May I sit here ” Bella said to Satrio with a very charming smile.

Satrio who heard Bellas request was stunned and then sighed inside himself, (it seems that no matter how far he tries to draw a line with Bella, it will only end in vain as long as he is still on the same boat as himself).

”Just sit down, no one forbids ” replied Satrio indifferent tone.

Bella saw that Satrios reaction didn turn red, instead her smile grew wider.

”Good then ” Bella said again happily.

Satrio, who felt he didn want to talk further to Bella, tried to finish his food more quickly.

And Bella who saw this had a smile of her own, she didn give up on what Satrio was doing, she just waited for the right moment to speak again.

The opportunity happened immediately, when Satrio stopped eating and took a glass of water, seeing this, of course, Bela immediately put down the cutlery and waited for Satrio to finish drinking it.

After seeing Satria finish drinking then Bella came back saying ”why do you look so hungry ” Bella said interrupting Satrio.

”No ” replied Satrio indifferently.

”Isn it because you can sleep! ” Bella said again.

”Where did your guess come from? ” shouted Satrio.

”Justify what I said, you must be hungry because you didn sleep well last night, didn you !!, ” Bella said again confidently.

e too confident aren you!! ” Satrio said with disbelief seeing Bella so narcissistic.

”Don divert the topic Satrio, I know the reason behind you can sleep well! ” Again Bella said in a confident tone, as if what she said was something certain.

”Ok.. seeing you are so confident now tell me what makes it hard for me to sleep ” Satrio said giving Bella an opportunity to tell him the reason behind his guess.

”Are you sure you want to know? ” Bella asked with an embarrassed face.

And Satrio who saw this, was confused and felt very strange, why did Bellas reaction suddenly change instantly? At the beginning, she felt very confident, wanted to tell her the reason behind her guess, that she ate with refusal because she didn sleep well, so she made he felt hungry.

But then in the next scene a strange thing happened suddenly Bella changed her attitude and with a shy face she asked Satrio, Does he need to talk about it here.

For an instant, this made Satrio unable to stop thinking about how quickly a woman could change her attitude in an instant, and this time she saw it right in front of her eyes which was represented by Bellas attitude.

”Why are you hesitating now!!…wasn it obvious just now that you were so insistent on telling me, so why are you now being embarrassed like a child!! ” Satrio said in a dissatisfied tone.

But Bella, who listened to Satrios words, did not feel uncomfortable at all, instead she became even more embarrassed by what Satrio said.

And Satria saw this clearly couldn understand how this could happen, ”If you don want to talk, then Ill leave! ” Satrio said threateningly.

The feeling from Satrio Bellas words then seemed to think for a while until he finally made a bold decision and said.

”Ok Ill tell you, but can you be quieter, I don want to attract the attention of other passengers ” Bella complained to Satrio, because her attitude seemed very noisy and attracted other people to their table.

Hearing Bella Satrias request, she didn react much, its just that she corrected her sitting position, which was originally relaxed, now has become a little straighter and also serious.

And Bella after seeing this nodded with satisfaction as a sign of approval and then said in a low voice, ”I know that the reason why you have trouble sleeping is, because you think about me all night ” Bella said with a red face and full of smiles, as if he tells Satrio that he knows the reason behind all of Satrios actions is nothing but because Satrio misses Bella, or in other words Satrio has feelings for Bella.

As for the reaction that Satrio gave was, his eyes became bulging and there were signs that he was experiencing a shock that surpassed his imagination, inside he said ( Whats wrong with this woman!!!!!…. Is there brain damage experienced? !!!… And where is the sorrow coming from!!!!.. this is definitely a different level of someone who experiences overly confident levels) after realizing the fact that the longer he lingers with bella the faster he gets felt, his young self would grow old faster.

So without telling Bella he immediately stood up from the dining table and walked out of the restaurant at a yes fast pace, He headed back to his room while walking towards his room at a fast pace he often looked behind him to make sure whether to follow him or not.

Until then he was right in front of his bedroom door and unlocked and immediately entered the room, and closed the door while not forgetting to re-lock the door to his room only then did he feel relieved, as if he had gotten rid of the disaster that had come to him.

On the other hand, Bella, who saw Satrio suddenly get up from the dining table, didn react quickly, and instead became stunned when she saw the scene until later when she could no longer see Satrios figure outside the restaurant, only then did she realize that Satria had left her. .

Without thinking anymore then she immediately chased Satrio, its just a shame because because the time was too far away in the end Bella couldn find Satrios figure.

He angrily said ”all men are the same, they are assholes!!! ” Bella complained to Satrio who had disappeared for a long time, she felt as if she had been tricked by Satrio, to express her feelings for herself and then without giving herself an answer Satrio immediately ran and left himself speechless in a restaurant chair.

Until he recovered from his reaction and charged Satrio himself he could no longer see the existence of Satrios figure, so in this case of course he felt a very high feeling of dissatisfaction with the attitude given by Satrio.

But if Satrio listens to what Bella is thinking then he will only be able to point his middle finger at her, Saying crazy woman…..!!!.


All day long Satrio was just in his room, he didn dare to leave the room because he was afraid that if he met Bella and in the end, misfortune would befall him, so then on one hand he asked a maid to bring him food and also some basic needs.

Of course, with the cheap tips, the waitress did it happily and on the other hand, Satrio could feel calm because he wasn bothered by Bella.

This happened for the next two days straight, basically unless he really had to go out of the room Satrio continued to spend his time in the room, until then finally when he realized that the ship had arrived at the next destination of his journey, namely the city of Batavia. .

It was only then that Satrio felt himself free from the feelings that made him worried and restless. He knew very well that when he gave Bella the opportunity to relate to him even further, it was certain that Bella would become like glue that stuck firmly to him.

And to let go of this, it takes more effort from Satrio, and of course this can be continued by Satrio why is basically this is just the beginning of a long journey that will be taken, so for those 2 days Satria was in his room his team had made plans to make Bella as well as other factors that would most likely interfere with him to disappear from the ship.

However, the plan could not be carried out on a ship, why was it that it would be easy to make other people suspicious and then he would have bad luck. In the end, Satria decided to do this in the city of Batavia when the ship docked to fill supplies and also add passengers.

There was one day for Satria to carry out the plan before the ship continued its journey to New York, dressed neatly and covered himself with Satrios hat and scarf and then left his room, this was done to divert Bellas attention.

What was lucky for him because on this day when their ship had just arrived at the port of Tanjung Priok, they were greeted by a drizzling rain and in this case as God helped him, many of the passengers, especially the men, wore hats to cover the rain that was pouring on them.

Walking towards the exit area of ​​the ship from a distance both Satrio could see, a beautiful woman wearing a fashionable dress seemed to be standing on the edge of the entrance, her eyes were like a hunter looking at the passengers passing through the exit from the ship one by one as if she were is currently in hunting mode to catch something it preys on.

Satrio saw this scene and immediately thought quickly to find a solution how to be able to leave the ship without Bella knowing, until then he saw a crew member of the ships crew carrying the goods out of the ship.

Stopping it for a moment, then Satrio said to the crew of the ship for help.

”Sir, can I help you? ” Ask the crew of the ship to Satrio.

”There….so its like this…. ” Satrio then explained to the ships crew about one thing, while not forgetting that he then headed towards Bella Bella.

After making sure that the instructions given to the crew were understood, Satria then stretched out his hand to the ships crew, and the ships crew who saw Satrios actions smiled accepting the gift Satrio gave.

Not long after, the ships crew immediately walked towards Bella, until he was close to Bella, he then made a collision on purpose towards Bella.

Bella, who was busy watching the passengers get off the ship, never thought that while her focus was being divided, she would suddenly be hit by a crew member.

”Ouch….. ” Bella screamed when she fell due to being hit by the ships crew.

”Sorry….sorry….mistress…forgive me ” said the ships crew with a face full of regret.

e on the right path….I can see you
e making me fall!! ” Bella said angrily to the crew.

She, who had been waiting for almost an hour at the ships exit, already felt irritated waiting for Satrios arrival, which did not go away, until in the end she was dropped by a crew member, and this immediately sparked the anger Bella had been harboring.

So while pointing dissatisfiedly at the ships crew, he vented his anger.

On the other hand, taking this opportunity, Satrio hid behind the crowd of ship passengers who got off, until he made it through the exit and gave an okay sign to the ships crew who helped him, Satrio felt relieved.

And the ships crew who received a signal from Satrio immediately finished his drama with a sincere attitude. He managed to get Bellas apology, and soon Bella returned to monitoring him, only what she didn know was that Satrio had arranged it all, and she had gotten off the ship.

It only bothers Bella, who angrily and desperately looks for Satrio among the passengers who got off, but her efforts are destined to fail.

Getting off the ship Satrio immediately ordered a taxi in the waiting area from the Tanjung Priok port, ordered a horse-drawn carriage taxi, he immediately told the horse driver about his destination.

”To Tanjung Priok station sir ” Satrio said to the coachman.

”Yes sir ” replied the coachman.

It takes about 10 minutes by horse-drawn carriage to get to Tanjung Priok station.

Tanjung Priok Station is a train station built in 1925 using more than 1700 workers with 130 of them coming from Europe, Tanjung Priok Station which has an art deco decoration style is one of the largest stations in the city of Batavia.

With 8 lines and 5 platforms, Tanjung Priok station is the second largest train station after the city Batavia station in the city center.

Getting off the horse-drawn carriage and paying the 10 cents for the taxi fee, Satrio immediately entered the station where he aimed to book a room in advance at the Tanjung Priok station, for the record on the right and left of the Tanjung Priok station building there are lodgings made together with the station.

With the aim of facilitating passengers going to the city or vice versa, because sometimes when the ship arrives in the early hours of the morning, the existing train schedule does not exist so that passengers are required to stay at the train station and from there the idea to build an inn done.

”Would you like to order a room sir? ” asked the officer to Satrio.

”Yes, give me a single room, ” said Satrio again.

For how long? And does it include breakfast and dinner accommodation? ” asked the officer again.

”Just one night, and include accommodation for my meal ” replied Satrio.

”Then the price is 1 guilder sir, and please take out your identity card ” said the officer again.

Hearing the price given by the officer, Satrio knew that the price in the city of Batavia was several times more expensive than the city of Surabaya, but considering the limited rooms available, Satrio did not want to be doubted, because he did not lack money so instead he found himself staying at outside and clearly unsafe then of course spending a little more for comfort and safety is something worth it.

Completing the order then Satrio was taken by a hotel clerk to the room where he was, there is only one floor available at the Tanjung Priok station hotel, but the area of ​​the existing building can be said to be quite large because here, look at everything Satrio estimates this hotel can accommodate hundreds of passengers.

Seeing a much smaller room compared to the room he was in in the city of Surabaya, but with much better facilities Satrio nodded satisfied with what he got and cleaned himself in the bathroom as soon as he was done Satrio threw himself on the bed to sleep.

Even though he can fall asleep on the boat pretty well, still sleeping on land is something much better than on a ship, because basically a ship that keeps moving and hitting the waves will always make small movements that make Satrio always feel less comfortable sleepy to fall asleep.

So this time Satrio fell asleep quickly.


The next day after finishing breakfast with some bread plus eggs and sausage, He immediately asked to check out of the hotel.

Out of there Satrio headed back towards the Tanjung Priok station where he immediately ordered a ticket to go to downtown Batavia.

Paying a fee of 50 cents, Satrio then began to enjoy the journey towards the center of Batavia, along the way Satrio saw a very different city compared to the future.

It can be said that the city of Batavia is currently undergoing many existing improvements, however, on the other hand, looking at the scenery that is currently in front of Satrio, he always feels a special feeling that cannot be explained.

The city of Batavia, a city inhabited by hundreds of thousands of people, was one of the most populous cities on the island of Java during the colonial period, the city which was founded in 1527, has a long history starting from the Sunda kingdom which ruled from the 4th century to the 15th century with the name Sunda Kelapa.

Then it changed to Jayakarta in the 15th to 16th centuries and finally fell into the hands of the VOC in the early 16th to 19th centuries.

The area of ​​the city of Batavia itself is 182 km² with subsequent developments in the future having a total area of ​​up to 7600 km² divided into two categories, namely a land area of ​​more than 600 km² and a water area of ​​more than 6000 km².

In the end, after taking almost 1 hour of travel, Satrio soon arrived at Kota station where the station is the largest station in the city of Batavia and is also right in the center of Batavia. Less than 1km from the station where there is a city hall which is currently led by a governor from the Netherlands named voorneman.

Ordering a horse-drawn carriage taxi again, Satrio then asks to be taken to the city hall where he wants to see firsthand what difference he gets between the present and the future, where in the future the city hall which is the place where the governor governs has changed and converted into a museum.

Arriving at the city hall, Satrio found that the current City Hall looked much quieter compared to the future, where the City Hall had many open spaces that were not completely lined with bricks in the courtyard, only a small portion was right in front of the City Hall building that had bricks in his yard the rest was just tidied up flat land.

In addition, there are lots of trees to the right and left of the city hall which is a stark contrast when compared to the future where there will only be colonial-style buildings. On the other hand, Satrio also found that there is a tram line located not far from the city hall.

Seeing this, Satrio felt quite satisfied, and asked the horse driver to take them to the Menteng area where their goal was to come to the city of Batavia.

It took almost an hour for Satrio to arrive in the Menteng area from the city center using a horse-drawn carriage that traveled dozens of kilometers. The Menteng area, which is known as an elite area in the city of Jakarta in the future, now looks quite good with a neat area arrangement.

After passing through the center of the Menteng area, entering several alleys in the end the horse carriage stopped right at a colonial style house, the house has a tall fence with black paint on it, there is a large gate which is the entrance to the house, with the inscription number 47 indicating house number.

”Excuse me ” shouted Satrio from outside the fence calling the occupants of the house.

”Excuse me….. shouted Satrio again.

Until not long after, a middle-aged man with a fairly chubby appearance came out of the house.

Seeing Satrio there was a happy smile painted on the middle-aged man, ”Satrio…..!!!!!….my nephew…. ” the middle-aged man shouted and excitedly welcomed Satrio.

”Uncle…nice to meet you again ” Satrio said with a smile greeting his uncle with a warm hug.

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