Blank Sheet


isn a virgin anymore, is it? Its just a hot bleeding shitty mess. I wish surgery existed. Giving birth must be so painful. Ugh… luckily I won have to give birth. Ill be the one impregnating! Hahahaha. power

The power. Is. Mine!

Anyways, my name was Alexandra, and I had huge boobs. Had, as in the past. Cos now, Im flatter than my sister. My this world sister, that is. Anyways, I was 14 when I went shopping, except I didn know it was black friday. So I went into the local convenience store and got trampled to death. Never thought Id be onea those dudes who get stomped to death.

Ignoring that, I was a hardcore closet perv. Even my friends hated me! That is, till they finally decided to run away. But I knew this one super chill dude who literally didn care, even if I masturbated in front of him. What a sicko. He didn even get off on me! Damn asshole. Im pretty sure he was gay, though.

”Da Xiong Qian, look what youve done! ” screamed a busty lady at me.

Ah~ shes even bigger than I was. Maybe around 76~94? I wonder how bad her back is?

In case you
e wondering, I had to go to the doctor like once a year because of my back. Sometimes, I want to get surgery, but my mothers like, hell nah, bitch. Ya just gonna spend it on some porn. I kno ya, girl.

Course, I was like, hell nah, mammy. I totes wanna get rid of this huge rack!

She din believe me, in case ya wondering.

” ”DA XIONG QIAN, YOU PERVERT! ” screamed my precious busty Goddess as she smacked my right across the face.

I guess I was staring at her boobs the whole time…

”hit me more, my Goddess. ” I said, not long before regretting it.

Sure, I didnt really want to get hit more, but her reactions are funny. Unfortunately, I have a bloody ass rectum. Literally. And right now, this bitch knocked my so hard, bloods gushing.

Before I could tell for not to, she kicked me off my chair.

Damn it. Why do I have to suffer this… actually, I don ?

”hey, bitch. Im tired right now, so can you stop hitting me? Come back later when I can tolerate you again. ”

The first time I stood up against my Goddess. I wonder how shell take it?

”wh-what? Da Xiong Wian, are y-you ok-okay? ”

I guess she must really be worried? Well, she never did see me like this, did she?


”absolutely beautiful. Da Xiong Qian, your name was? ” called out a demon more fearsome than a monster from a prophecy. ”come with my to the Jia family mansion. I will treat you better than your Goddess, but I will punish you harsher. ”

”uhh… no thanks… ”

He frowned.

Oh shit. What the ** did I just say?! No way in hell did I just reject Jia Pangzi, did I?!

”on second thoughts, lead the way. ” I said, picking up myself off the ground.

”thats better. ”

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