Black Spire

2 White Claymore

As he slowly opened his eyes the only thing he was greeted with was pain throughout his entire body. Although his entire body was sore, the worst pain was in his head.

As the pain slowly lessened he started to take in his surroundings. He was laying down in a large room with blood covering most of the walls.

At the far end of the room was a dead giant slumped against the wall. It was enormous. He could only guess it had a hard time fitting inside a room even as big as this one. The giant was wearing bits and pieces of leather. It was still holding onto a large tree that it was using no doubt as a club. multiple swords were stuck stuck in it. The left leg was also definitely broken. Around him was about 20 corpses covered in armor and chain mail. Some still holding their sword and axes even in death.

He slowly began to get up realizing he too was wearing armor. The pain in his head was now subsiding. He touched his head only to find a helmet. He threw off the helmet and touched again. He looked at his hand which now had blood on it.

”How did I get here, ” he thought. ”Wait a minute, who even am I? ”

He looked around for anything. Hoping for some answer. He saw a hole in the wall at the opposite side of the room from the giant. He sprinted to it only to find a major surprise.

He looked out the hole to see an almost endless city. Some of it was in ruins. While in other places there was gigantic castles. In the far distance he could see a castle larger then the rest and a black spire next to it. The spire was far higher then the castle and reached above the clouds.

He was dumbfounded. In a way the sight was beautiful. While in another it was sad and terrifying.

A few miles away he could see three creatures flying above the city. The creatures were scaly and had large wings connected to their front arms. They has spikes running down their back and large talons. There size made the giant look like a child.

When one seemed to look in his direction he quickly went back behind the wall. He felt like his heart was about to leap out of his chest. After a minute passed he sighed knowing he was in the clear.

”I need to think before I get myself killed. ” He said to himself. He looked around himself. Thankfully nothing in the room was still alive. He then began to try and asses his situation. ” from what I can tell the people here were fighting the giant over there. They ended up all killing each other. I can remember anything, but since I am wearing the same armor as them I can assume that I was also fighting the giant. I probably got hit in the head and lost all my memories. I am now in the middle of god knows where surrounded by monsters that could kill me easily. Great, Im definitely going to die ”

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