A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 8: The Oracle of Order, no Cassandra.

knowledge. The sweets will give you answers.> She said before standing up and approaching me.

She bent her knee and raised my chin up staring at my eyes

Those were the last words before I passed out…it became a habit these days, passing ou I mean…

I saw a VEEEEEEERY long dream when I was unconcious.

It was like some boring old legend.

The story of a God capable of wonders, betrayed by his believers.

The gods power was stolen leaving nothing but an empty shell craving to be whole just like how it used to be, becoming the incarnation of Evil and Death upon the world.

A saint of light…and the Envoy of Darkness both united with their champions guided by the Oracle of Order to seal away the Incarnation of evil and bring peace to the world…

The Saint of light and her champion became the first emperor and empress of regulus

The Envoy of Darkness and the Champion disappeared leaving no trace even in history

…And the Oracle…

~Back in the Evanson Castles main residence~

I opened my eyes and it was a familiar ceiling.

I asked the maid about the date and she answered that it was a day before the day I had burnt the Evanson castle.

Damn Oracle…! She really turned time back or something.

After my meeting with Cassandra I had aquired more than just answers to the question why I have been dragged to this world.

I also have aquired knowledge on how to use and grow in power to fufil the ”Envoy Of The abysss ” Duties.

I stood in front of my window and looked at the bright sunny day and the snow fields in the horizon stretched all over the territory.

Ive let out a sigh as I processed the information I have gotten.

And then I wispered to the wind

I cursed at the world thats forcing me to play a never ending survival game.

A game in Wich I have to cooperate with people who despise me more than anything.

To seal away some ancient Evil and save this stupid world…

What do I have in saving a world that has taken from me the chance to live the life I wanted.

I muttered before untying my chignon.

The ritual those cloaked people did when I was in the forest Wich made my hair turn all black and stuff, that was a forceful awakening of my potential as a witch.

Yep, all those people were witches and the awakening succeeded…

Even if time seems to have turned back, the awakening didn get annulled…because witches essence isn really affected 100% by The Oracles power.

In the information I have been given, I got a detailed guide on how to grow as a Sorceress but I didn get any hint on what are that womans abilities.

One thing for sure… Shes freaking dangerous! In many ways! And no I am not talking about her big boobs! (a lil jealous)

Deep in thoughts I kept staring at the horizon wearing nothing but my pajamas, the cold breeze making my hair flutter.

Who would have know I could hide my black hair using magic like that.

~After some time~

From the borders of the territory a fancy carriage entered the perimeter heading straight to Evansons castle.

Just like how it happened before meeting the Oracle, the crown prince came to the Evanson Residence to discuss the promise between the imperial family and the houses.

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